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"Zweihänder" Tank/DD Hybrid for PvE

Welcome everyone to my 2hander Tank/DD hybrid build. I had quite much success with this build in veteran dungeons including some older DLC dungeons. The way we tank with a 2handler involves shield stacking through Brawler, Blazing Shield and weapon enchant. Though we still need to block the big hits from bosses.

Race: Argonian is best due to the passives, Imperial and Nord comes 2nd and 3rd but any stamina/health race is good. Even Breton and Dunmer is okay.

Attributes: All into stamina

Gear SetupNirnhoned 2h front bar, powered/defending 1h sword, sturdy shield back bar.

6 heavy 1 medium, all sturdy.

  • 5x Hundings Rage
  • 5x Plague Doctor
  • 1x Pirate, 1x Lord Warden (or 2x Blood Spawn)

Our monster sets give us the choice of either having permanent max resist (buffed) or 6% proc chance to max out our resists AND ultimate return.

2 weapon damage enchants and 1 magicka recovery enchant. If you can afford, have one infused trait for your mag recovery enchant.

Dubious Camoran Drink

Warior mundus

Stats and champion points can be seen in the link bellow. Keep in mind these are buffed stats and due to power scaling in dungeons, your weapon damage goes up to almost 6k! 



  2 handed sword bar:

  • Brawler - Biting Jabs - Reverse Slice - Blazing Shield - Rally - Dawnbreaker of Smiting (or Empowering Sweep)

  S&B bar

  • Pierce Armor - Restoring Focus - Resolving Vigor - Repentance - Extended Ritual - Rememberance (or Spell Wall/Empowering Sweep)

There are some flex spots. Most fights don't require cleanse. So Extended Ritual is in our bars only for the added HoT for our group and ourselves. You can use Deep Slash instead of it.

You can then probably slot undaunted shield, i just find Brawler a lot more "fluid" when stacking shields. You can put it in place of Reverse Slice and have 3 shields going at all the time!

Rotation is quite simple. Blockcast the followings; Pierce Armor, Restoring Focus, Extended Ritual. Light attack once for weapon damage enchant, bar swap and pop a potion. Light attack(La)-Blazing Shield, La-Brawler, Heavy attack(Ha)-Jabs, La-Jabs, rinse & repeat. We can do around 10 to 15k single target dps with this. 

Keep at least one shield up at all times. When surroundered by lots of mobs and out of magicka, dont panic. Do La-Brawler-Ha-Brawler-Ha-Brawler....until your magicka regens for Blazing Shield. Follow Up passive from 2h skill line also buffs our damage shield value from Brawler. So Brawler spam is usually enough to keep us safe when there are some mobs around. Save Blazing for boss heavy attacks. If there is no time swaping to your shield bar to block the boss heavy attacks, dont afraid to do emergency blocks with 2h. Slightly costy blocks are better than being dead.

I hope you all enjoy!

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    I'm using your build, and for the first time, playing a Stamplar actually *clicks* with me.  Before, I just could never get into the playstyle.  But thanks to this, I'm really enjoying playing my Stamplar and doing some Vet Dungeons.  

    I was curious, do you have a vMA build version of this?  or is there another build I can swap to when that time finally comes?

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    Member9 Posts

    Hey man, I'm glad you are enjoying the build. Sadly i enjoy pvp more in this game and honestly vMA doesn't offer me anything gear-wise so, i'm just not doing it. 

    But i know doing vMA with stamplar is a big headache. I have not much success in there with this build because one needs more like a damage focused build in there. Maybe you should check out Alcast's stamplar builds and mix and match the gear in your preference. 

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    Man this seems tempting to try on my Nord Templar


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