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Xbox One X - Is it worth it?

You guys have probably heard of the Xbox One X coming out in November of this year. It's basically a roided up Xbox One, costing $499USD or $599CAD. I believe eso is also upgrading the Xbox version so that it is compatible with the X's native 4k resolution. The X will apparently run games smoother, reduce loading screen times and all that good stuff, but eso will still be ran capped at 30 fps.

So is it even worth the upgrade? Will it put you at any more of an advantage than others in a PvP environment? Or will it be irrelevant?

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    I have had no experience with console, but wouldn't the inherent lag in PvP be more dependent on ZOS' server load or the natural latency by distance, rather than the hardware of said console?

    I suppose if frame rate of the game itself isn't capped at 30, it would make it more appealing (assuming of course, there are other games or functions that you are interested in). But either way, I'd probably wait until they implement said changes to the ESO Xbox version, which could take a while depending on what else they have on their agenda.

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    True, the consol has promised faster loading times and a smoother gameplay, but that won't be noticeable if the game is still capped at 30 fps right? 4k resolution would be cool but it's kind of unnecessary, I think id rather 1080, or something inbetween that and 4k as long as it gave us 60fps.

    You're right though, with it capped at 30 fps then the smoothness of the game is still dependant on ZoS' megaserver still and the lag that comes with it.

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    the playstation  pro helps. i assume the new xbox does the same. while it may be locked at 30 during  big pvp battles or trial battles, frames dip and the better hardware will better retain those 30fps. also 4k is waaaaaaaaaay better if your tv supports

    this lag should be partialy solved with removal of friendly aoe next patch

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    I'm positive it will help. Right now, it looks like ESO is squeezing the last little bit of performance of the original Xbox and then some more... I believe a lot of those crashes where the game and audio freeze is just the Xbox throwing the towel at the game. My fans are usually at vacuum cleaner level of noise when that happens.

    But I have to say I'm extremely disappointed at the 30 fps cap. I'd trade [email protected] for [email protected] any day... I drool over my comptuer when I see the YouTube videos of PC guys running trials or vMA... It just looks soo much more responsive.

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    I've been wondering if the new XBOX will be worth it as well, and for ESO in partiular. Tha lag and crashes can be maddening and is worse than any game I've played on PC. I'll look forward to seeing how this conversation progresses in time, after it is released and we start hearing from people who bought it as to what the reality is like. If there would be a noticeable difference I would be tempted to trade in for the new machine.

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    Too expensive.

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    yes i agree

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    I've got the one S atm but I'm getting the one X in a few months time, mainly because I already have a good 4k TV and ESO already looks amazing on it, especially Summerset, so the One X must make it look out of this world! Then their are games like Fallout 76, Battlefield 5 and the new Halo to consider in making your decision whether to upgrade or not.

    If you have a 4k TV upgrade, if not it's not worth it . 

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