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Why are you joining the Ebonheart Pact? II

Please post and discuss reasons for why you are going to join the Ebonheart Pact.

Note: Please refrain from RvR rivalries in this thread.  This thread is for those wishing to join this faction to talk about what has attracted them to this faction.  Posts going off topic will be removed from the thread.

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  1. BigBadVolk

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    Well, many reasons, some out of game is that Red is one of my favourite colors after black and white, then Dark Elves are my favourite fantasy race in most games which includes them, plus it feels the most rational thing for me, at least they came to be because they (at least the Tribunal) want to stop the Invasion of Molag Bal, they overcame the hatred of each other (at least some of them), plus through their story lines they have the least amount of infightnings 

    DC has the Montclairs, technically the Bloodthorn also kinda terrorists/rebels in some way, The Merchant Lords of Abah's Landing and Taneth which I hope they will explore furhter in a future DLC or Singleplayer ES Title,

    AD has the Veiled Heritance, The Blacksap Rebellion (at least their remnants), and the Hircine Cultist which are similar to the Bloodthorn (at least they want to overthrow the current system, and conquer Valenwood)

    While EP only had the Maulborn which mostly went against the Tribunal, and the Orcthane Rebellion (forgot the name of the Nord faction) and some little incidents like the argonian pair in Mournhold, the Mining place in Shadowfen but nothing bigger so far.

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