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Why are you joining the Daggerfall Covenant? II

Please post and discuss reasons for why you are going to join the Daggerfall Covenant.

Note: Please refrain from RvR rivalries in this thread.  This thread is for those wishing to join this faction to talk about what has attracted them to this faction.  Posts going off topic will be removed from the thread.

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  1. Smokingamer420

    Member2 Posts

    I would like to join to play with new friends when they need help and a good solid trading guild, im ps4 and my psn is smokingamer420 so please send me an invite to the guild, i will be a good addition to it :)

  2. CurtFish

    Member6 Posts
    Keira-Firestorm wrote on February 21, 2014

    I am part of a pvp guild moving from Neverwinter to ESO called “War-Party” aka (The Silent Blade / Fear Itself) We chose this realm after hearing it was the least populated and plan on tipping the balance in our favor.

    Me too! minus the neverwinter part

  3. CurtFish

    Member6 Posts
    Sten wrote on February 21, 2014

    The 3 best races in the world united? Why are people NOT joining the covenant?

    Says the Dunmer. haha

  4. DirtyRed5150

    Member168 Posts

    I joined Daggerfall Covenant on Xbox 1 because I played AD most of my time on PC and wanted a fresh start. That being said If anyone would like to join a all Werewolf guild on xb1 come join Wolves of the BloodMoon. Just click here and check out our guild website, if you like what you see go to the recruitment  tab and fill out a application for membership. Be sure to use your Gamertag on application and Ill add you to guild. See ya In Daggerfall!!





  5. Daggerfall-Chad

    Member1 Posts

    Looking to make a difference out west lol DC been getting smashed on NA/X1

  6. patrickkillaseal

    Member13 Posts

    because i've always been in AD and EP so I wanna try this one

  7. Daifa

    Member3 Posts

    I joined DC straight away simply because, from the brief description I found, they seemed like the only alliance to care about Nirn's impending doom. I care more about stopping Mannimarco and Molag Bal than warring over the throne.

  8. Apocrita

    Member2 Posts

    Plenty of reasons:

    In the beginning my main character was in EP, then I created an alt in DC just for fun. Leveled her up to about vet 2 before I lost all interest, decided to respec, got bored anyway and decided to delete her, around that time I got an invite to a dungeon group by some other people (on DC alts) in my EP guild. I decided to try it out before I deleted her. Turned out they were friendly as fuck, got invited to join their guild on DC.

    I love certain zones in DC more than everything else. Rivenspire, Stormhaven and Bankorai are my all time favorites. I like the main faction quest best of all 3.

    Also, since I've played though the other Alliances main quests, I've come to realize that the only ruler I see fit to lead Tamriel is Emeric. Ayrenn may be the second best, however she is not even close to the potential of King Emeric. There's no real need to even mention Jorunn as he in my opinion is a drunkard and a brute and thus should have no place near the Ruby Throne.

    And blue is a pretty awesome color. Yep.

    ”I swear by my pretty floral bonnet, I will end you.”

  9. Donum-Dei

    Member71 Posts


    The main reason in which what daggerfall covenant believe, and how they represent their banners in such pride and honor, with a beautiful goal in mind. Is more than enough to join the covenant.

    Besides... Breatons, and the definition of being and represent the Breaton race.



    The men and women of High Rock were once ruled by High Elf overlords. Some Elven blood still runs in their veins, giving Bretons an innate grasp of magic that distinguishes them from the other human races. Passionate and flamboyant, intelligent and resourceful, the Bretons are renowned and talented craftsmen, shrewd merchants, gallant cavaliers, and inventive wizards. They can also be proud and quarrelsome. Tales of warfare between the kingdoms of High Rock account for much of their history, but most revere the Eight Divines and value prosperity over glory.


    —–Signatures for everybody—–
  10. Mephilis78

    Member12 Posts

    I originally joined DC because I wanted to see what an updated elder scrolls II would look like.  After having a toon in each alliance, though, I've concluded that DC is the most noble, and I've always enjoyed the celtic-like stylings of Breton style and history.


    Also- I'm still having a hard time liking the Dominion after Skyrim (I know; different AD than ES V, but still gets me)

    “Zeus poured an abundance of rain from heaven to flood the greater part of Greece, causing all human beings to be destroyed, apart from those few who took refuge in the lofty mountains nearby.” ― Apollodorus, The Library of Greek Mythology

  11. mtrent24

    Member2 Posts

    I personally received an invitation from King Fahara'jad himself to join the war. After riding to Sentinel, Queen Maraya also greeted me and we discussed a better future for our people.

  12. Veritus-Telvanni

    Member52 Posts

    I mostly chose it out of lore reasons:

    1. I hate the premise of the Thalmor, so not AD.

    2. The Skald king is barbaric and the lands are wastelands, so not EP.

    3. King Emeric seems to have a good head on his shoulders, he's honorable, nice environment (AD's is honestly better but I just can't partake in Thalmor activities lol), and I like what the Covenant stands for; and as far as non-lore related reasons, I like the color blue.

    Tired of the House politics, but still a proud Telvanni.

  13. Louis Dragonheart

    Member72 Posts

    Cus Bretons are like humans,and i am an human.


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