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Which DLC should I get? Any/All?None?

Ok, am a returning player, have been off playing GW2 for the last 2 yrs so have missed ALOT!. Still have my lvl 50 chars but notice a lot has changed. Mostly builds! Now with the content coming should I bother with the DLC that's out now or does it come with the newest release?

If not, is it worth it to get all of them of stick with the main stuff, like Morrowwind and Summerset? Just don't want to waste the money if I can help it.

Also am looking at playing Stam DK, is that viable and decent enough as dps?

Cheers all and look forward to some fun times!

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    DLCs are separate from the expansions (i.e. Morrowind and the forthcoming Summerset), you can gain access to these DLCs by subscribing for ESO+ or by purchasing "persistent" access through microstransaction (crown store). Expansions like Morrowind are not fundamentally groundbreaking or even game-changing; I would actually advise against buying them if you are just returning, it would be better to ease back into the game by familiarising yourself with the changed combat mechanics and level scaling within the base game, before moving on to the expansions or DLCs. This way, you can hedge against the risk of not being able to adjust to the changes and leaving ESO again in the near future.

    I don't know which DLCs were in the game when you last played, but personally, the only DLC that I can recommend to a general audience is Orsinium, because of the Maelstrom Arena, the substantial storyline and repeatable daily quests. All the other ones appeal to certain niches within the community. A few may be useful for gearing or trials...like Imperial City (for Spell Power Cure set), Thieves Guild (for MoL trial and a couple of the sets like Moondancer and Alkosh) and Clockwork City (for AS trial and the (Perfected) Asylum weapons); that said, depending on your character progression, they may not necessarily be of high priority.

    Stam DK is still very strong, especially if you are using a Maelstrom bow. You can refer to some of the relevant build threads in the DK sub-forum here for build inspiration.

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    Thank you very much! Just what I was asking, you nailed it. I left before ANY DLC came out, but wasn't too keen when I heard about them in the first place. Thanks for breaking it down for me, now the wife and I can decide how much we want to invest into as far as content goes. With all the builds I see mentioned a lot the Arena for some good weapons and CLockwork as well. Not sure what all is involved but if its only for some special gear then yea, a pass might be the way to go. 

    Trying to find a build that's relevant to my gear is a tad tricky, as everyone seems to have moved on. I have full Hundings and saw somewhere that it is still a decent set so my struggle might be with weapons. Am keen to et DLC that has quests,story and such, so might look into Orsinium. And if we pre-buy Summerset then Morrowwind is included so that's a win.

    Again, thanks heaps, big help for sure!! Hopefully we stick around this time!!! GW2 is just all about looking pretty and that gets old...raids are pretty weak as well sadly. ;)

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    Glad to hear it helped.

    Hundings is still a solid option, as it is a crafted set and thus, fairly accessible. For starter gear, you can just combine Hundings with the Agility jewellery set (you can buy these from guild traders, they are fairly inexpensive) and monster set from Undaunted Pledges or 2-3 pieces from another crafted set.

    Veteran Maelstrom Arena (from the Orsinium DLC) is worth looking into, especially if you decide to stick around for a longer period of time. There is a substantial time requirement to learn the mechanics there, but the weapons you get from there are game-changing, for both stamina and magicka dps.

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    If you can afford an ESO+ subscription, it makes the game more pleasant.

    And you get all the DLC content that way for "free".

    General tips

    A sorcerer leveling guide

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    FrancisCrawford wrote on April 12, 2018

    If you can afford an ESO+ subscription, it makes the game more pleasant.

    And you get all the DLC content that way for "free".

     Yea, I rejoined...but its asking me o pay for the older  stuff. Is that right? 

    And thanks Francis!! Good to see you still involved! I remember you from back then when it all started. I still have my Sorc so might end up back on him but will see what Summerset brings as to whether mag or stam eh? 

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    Drgneb wrote on April 12, 2018

    Yea, I rejoined...but its asking me o pay for the older  stuff. Is that right? 

     The base game remains free to play after the initial purchase (which you have already done). 

    The ESO+ subscription essentially gives you access to all the DLCs. If you left before any DLC came out, you are not paying for access to anything you already have access to (i.e. the base game - Alliance quest zones, Cyrodiil and Craglorn).

    Subscription also gives you 10% increased xp gain and access to a crafting bag (which stores all crafting materials and is separate from your inventory/bank, so it leaves you more space for other things).

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    I would recommend all the DLC as well as the morrowind chapter and Summerset, there all very good and in my opinion without everything the game feels... abit on the incomplete side. I would honestly say the best way to go about it is buy Summerset that gets you morrowind too and grab yourself a nice rollover subscription to ESO+ that way you gain access to the craft bag which is an indispensable tool that I would never want to give up very much worth the money, the exp, research time and 1500 crowns is just tacked on goodness.

    Honestly I havent been bored with any of the ESO DLC and found them all thouraly enjoyable even the small dungeon DLC like Horns of the Reach and Dragonbones, plus they give you acess to new set options which if you like making off-meta wacky builds is a must. #HealersLoveEarthGore 

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    None, better by ESO+ that comes with all + Infinite crafting bug.

    Even in a month you can complete all DLC's and if u still need to farm some pieces the ESO+ will help you a lot.

    PS: i wasted full price for WolfHunter DLC, i got the needed pieces in 8-10 runs, after that i never touch it 

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    none, get ESO plus. u should not waste crown points to dlc.

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