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Werewolf or vampire wich one will you chose

if your going to be a tank ore warrior I would suggest you to be a werewolf but if your going to be a nightblade or sorcerer be a vampire. But it dosent realy matter wich one you pick so just pick wich one you think is the coolest or the best out of the two.

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  1. Enslaved

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    Since I play Nord DK, and I already have issues with fire based enemies, it would be overwhelming for me to be even more prone to fire damage. If I had to choose, I would be a werewolf instead, as I was when I played Skyrim.

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  2. Veritus-Telvanni

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    If you're a stam build and use a back bar for buffs/healing/regen I'd go with werewolf and slot it on the back bar. I use werewolf on my defensive back bar as a means to bump up stam regen even though I never use the ultimate itself. I just get the passive without any points in it. I have Dawnbreaker of Smiting on the front bar for my actual ultimate I use. Going werewolf in PvP is like putting a target on your back. It may work good against small groups (3-5), but in large scale PvP you will be swarmed. And since the Dawnbreaker of Smiting ultimate seems to be a go-to for a lot of folks, expect to be hit with it a lot if you transform.

    Vampire is also useful if you plan on slotting at least one of the abilities (including Bat Swarm) so that you can get the stealth and regen passives. But I feel like vampire would better benefit a magicka build who does not have a lot of stamina for stealth so the movement speed for stealth lets you cover more ground in stealth with less stamina use. Also, the magicka regen is awesome. Plus, as you get a health regen debuff, magicka builds have the capability to use a resto staff on the back to make up for some lost health regen. In PvP you will not come across too many magicka DK's (which will be your nightmare) and you just want to avoid getting hit with siege weapons.

    This is my PvP outlook on it. If you are going for PvE, if you were going to pick, I'd go with vampire regardless of stam or magicka build.

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  3. DarqueArtifex

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    Usually vampire builds work best for magicka based builds. I have both vampire and werewolf builds but I tend to use my werewolf for a tank build, considering you use a lot of stamina for the most part. So, it is really dependent on what class and build your going with.

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  4. HighLow

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    Because i'm a DK tank, I prefer the werewolf for its good self healing skill. Besides this, the damage you can do is also nice;)

  5. Arun-Ja

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    I would choose a vampire, because they are undead and unlive for many years, but I would also choose a Werewolf because I like strength and stamina, as well as magica in a fight. My main character is a vampire, and has mastered the rank. In Skyrim, I would choose the Vampire Lord with the Dawnguard add-on, seeing as it's a transformation that looks neat and powers you couldn't have otherwise. But in ESO, vampires are great.

  6. Louis Dragonheart

    Member72 Posts

    Werewolf always. Those bloodleechers must know their places.

  7. ImShortGG

    Member43 Posts

    Vampire for sustain passives Werewolf for PvP. Any other reason is for RP.

  8. Louis Dragonheart

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    ImShortGG wrote on November 4, 2017

    Vampire for sustain passives Werewolf for PvP. Any other reason is for RP.

    I will use Vampire in case of play a Dunmer.

  9. ThatAnnoyingOne

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    I got rid of my vapirism after about 200 hours of gameplay. I found the damage to fire a pain for the harder dungeons. Altho - now I've made a tank character and I keep reading vampiring can help with tanking, Not sure if I buy it tho.

  10. hart

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    Werewolf always.

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