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I understand that the Werewolf active abilies are only useable when transformed.  However, do you have to have them slotted on your bars before transformimg to have access to them afterwards? Or, do you just need to unlock them and they show up after transforming.  Trying to find out if, when wanting to use both active abilities when transformed, you only have access to 8 active ability slots, since the two other slots are taken up by unusable abilities while untransformed.  Or, do you have access to all 10 active ability slots, and the two Werewolf only abilities only appear once transformed?

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    I apologize for the bad english.

    You do not need to put the WW skills on the panel, only the Ultimate on one of the panels.

    After using the Ultimate, all the skills on the panel will be replaced with ww skills, you will not be able to use any other skills. The swap panel is also unavailable, so it is better to keep the ultimate on the main bar.

    But to improve skills, a young werewolf can put ww skills on a regular panel for gaining experience. Getting experience only during the time of the ultimate takes too much time.


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