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Warlock and Lich gear

Lich gear seems to be popular nowadays, at least for certain kinds of builds. (I'm not sure which.) Warlock gets almost no attention. Nor do I see discussion of the possibility of combining them. Perhaps some reconsideration is appropriate, as sustain builds become more important.

I have a variety of blue Lich and Warlock pieces in inventory. Bonuses are:

  • 2-piece -- standard magicka recovery bonus in either case. (121 -- as I said, these are blue pieces.)
  • 3-piece -- standard max magicka bonus in either case. (911)
  • 4-piece -- standard magicka recovery bonus in either case. (121)
  • 5-piece -- In either case, when you fall below 33% max magicka something good happens. But the effect can only happen once a minute.
  • 5-piece Lich, continued -- the effect is 20 seconds of 972 magicka recovery increase, which amounts to 9720 extra magicka over time, before multipliers.
  • 5-piece Warlock, continued -- the effect is 8477 extra magicka, and I don't think there are any applicable multipliers.

Based on that, it would seem:

  • Lich would be better than Warlock unless the fight is likely to end very quickly.
  • Warlock could be better than Lich for bursty PvP fights in a particular range of possible duration. (Too short and neither effect matters; too long and Lich is better.)
  • The sets could be perhaps combined for a greater boost to sustain.

The latter would happen if one gets the five-piece bonuses from both sets, ensures that one's magicka falls below the trigger point of 33% while on the Lich bar, and switches to the Warlock bar fairly soon thereafter.

Thoughts on that include:

  • I have no idea whether that sort of thing is practical in a realistic rotation.
  • The bonus from Lich isn't THAT big -- it's basically like a steady 324 boost to magicka recovery.
  • The bonus from Warlock is generally less than that from Lich.
  • There's a named sharpened lightning staff from the Warlock set (Selene's Scepter), so that should be a lot more farmable than most perfect set weapons.
  • There's a named sharpened inferno staff from the Lich set as well. (Zaven's Doomstaff)
  • Adding those drops together, it's pretty straightforward to get a 4-5/4-5 dual destro set-up using both sets, with Lich being 5-piece on the Inferno bar and Warlock being 5-piece on the Lightning bar.


Similarly, it would be straightforward to combine either Lich or Warlock with a crafted 5-piece set with a steady bonus, such as Seducer or Julianos. Ditto for those PvP bursters who might want to combine with Clever Alchemist.

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    I am still trying to get all 5 warkicj pcs but I currently have lich, until a few days ago had been using it from time to time on my mag dk whenever I needed the help on resources, It worked well mixed with tbsw as well as silks.



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