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Warden PVP Tank (Need Input)

First of all, I have never really liked pvp. I am very very much into end game pve content and every time I have ventured into cyradiil I have hated every minute of it. So I had a mag dps Warden that I hated for obvious reasons (put lots of work into it too :/), so I turned it into a tank. Went into pvp to unlock warhorn and barrier and luckily got picked up by a well organized group and have since joined their guild. At first I just went in to tag along and soak up ap, but since, I have really tried to support as best I can. In this I'll describe my build and ideas around it with a few questions in mind.

  1. Am I wasting my time (since I am not very experienced in pvp)?
  2. Would you want to run with someone who runs a build like this?
  3. Are there better ways I could support my group when taking keeps, running scrolls, etc.?
  4. If you like the ideas and build, how do you think I could make it better?

The point of the build is to tank and do little to no damage. It is to keep people alive, but not be a healer. We already have healers in our group, my aim is to mitigate the damage enemies can produce and soak it up (much like a traditional pve tank). With that in mind I have chosen my skills and sets to benefit from my tankiness and the passives of the Warden class.

Stats (Will have better if I go prism on all pieces, currently only have 2 prism glyphs. All gear is purple as well):

Max Mag: 20403           Mag Recov: 1429

Max Health: 30123       Health Recov: 370

Max Stam: 21193         Stam Recov: 547 + 161 every second with Bull Netch

Damage and crit is pointless

Spell Resist: 28326       Physical Resist: 22580

Crit Resist: 747 (May change my cp to help with this, but so far I haven't had too many problems)Gear:

Currently Running:

5 piece Beckoning Steel (40% chance to intercept enemy projectile from ally): To force the enemy to attack me, especially if they are a ranged enemy.

5 piece Vanguard's Challenge (taunting enemy player reduces their damage done by 50% to all players but 100% more damage done to you): Because 50% less damage to everyone but me is an intense mitigation and enemies rarely, if never, realize that I'm the one the need to attack. I prioritize bombers, then others in light and medium armors, then heavy armor enemies (not always easy but I'm getting used to it).

1 piece Medium Shadowrend: For Mag recov.

1 piece Light Chokethorn: For Mag recov.

Other potential sets (Not counting monster helms):

Durok's Bane: To apply Major Defile to everyone that touches me.

Meridia's Blessed Armor: To cause an enemy to miss all their attacks for 5 seconds.

Storm Knight: Pushes out a few deeps to everyone in the area when non physical damage is taken.

Thunderbug's: Pushes out a few deeps to everyone in the area when physical damage taken. (could be paired with Storm Knight?)

Bar 1: SnB

1. Soothing Spores:Chose this morph for burst heal and due to the fact that it costs less stam than the mag morph and heals for more.

2. Shimmering Shield: Thanks to Beckoning Steel I am constantly getting hit with projectiles, this mitigates the damage, gives mag back, and gives me Major Heroism.

3. Defensive Stance: Chose this because I kept getting blasted with Crystal Frags and started to prefer that enemy gets stunned rather than healing myself.

4. Arctic Blast: HoT for me and any enemy around me gets hit with Ice damage. The point is to passively give minor maim to anyone around me, and with Glacial Presence passive they pretty much get it instantly.

5. Living Vines: Gives back health if they take damage and puts on Minor Lifesteal to whoever damages them. Put on me or an ally in need.

Ult: Healing Thicket: Just in case.

Bar 2: SnB

1. Inner Rage: Ranged taunt which procs Vanguard's Challenge. Chose Mag morph because I was running out of stam too quick with Inner Beast.

2. Bull Netch: Mag Recov is already high, this helps with my stam. I never run out of resources with this setup.

3. Ice Fortress: Major Resolve and Major Ward to me and everyone else around + Major Protection for me.

4. Subterranean Assault: Gives Major Breach and Fracture to enemies if I can hit them with it. Not too hard to aim as a tank, and in zergs you're bound to hit someone.

5. Gripping Shards: Immobilize enemies, reduce movement speed, applies minor maim.

Ult: Reviving Barrier: Good shield, gives back lots of ult with major heroism.

Other skills I have used:

Frozen Device: Really fucks with the enemy if they are teleported to me and have Major Maim on them, but not always practical.

Heroic Slash: To give minor heroism with my major, but don't often have the opportunity to use it.

Resolving Vigor: Tried this in place of Spores but just liked the burst heal better.

Mystic Guard: Haven't yet used this and don't think it would be the best since I can already take extra damage from taunted enemies. May still be useful though.


With all of that said, my main concern is that I maybe thinking I am more useful than I am, and would like to know if you would want this build next to you in a big fight. Group I run with is usually zerging between 8 and 16 people. With this build being unique (at least I haven't seen any posts like this, most are for dk and work differently) I guarantee that my group doesn't have a clue what I am doing for them, and I don't want to say yet until I know for sure that this won't get me laughed out. Please leave a comment if you give this a read even if it is just to vote yes or no. All constructive criticism is appreciated, but if you have something negative to say please explain why so that I can learn. Thanks in advance.

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