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Wandering sword master


Race: Argonian

Main Role: Damage

Health , magicka , stamina 

Health 17000

Magicka 9800

Stamina 24000


Bar 1

Weapon 1: Dual Wield

Dual Wield Skill




Nightblade Skill

Shadow Cloak


Nightblade Skill


Teleport Strike


Nightblade Skill

Surprise Attack

Veiled Strike


Nightblade Skill

Dark Shades

Summon Shade


Nightblade Skill

Incapacitating Strike

Death Stroke

Bar 2 

Bar 2

Weapon 2: Bow

Bow Skill

Focused Aim



Bow Skill

Arrow Barrage



Bow Skill

Draining Shot

Scatter Shot


Medium Armor Skill




Nightblade Skill

Relentless Focus

Grim Focus


Bow Skill

Rapid fire 

      Morph to 

Toxic barrage 


Armor type used  7 pieces medium armor 

Armor sets . 5 pieces hundings rages with 4 pieces of night mothers gaze . Impenetrable trait on armor and sharpened on weapons. Stamina enchantments on armor and fire and frost on blades with poison or disease on bow . And jewelry three pieces sword singers with stamina enchantments. But my go to alternative armor sets would be hulking draguer and eternal hunt with sword singers jewelry.

keep higest level poison with you at all times and bring lots of health and stamina potions. And your food buff should be something that increases health and stamina. For at least 2 hours 



This build is a fast damage long range burner type build . With this build you can still do lots of damage but also stay out of most aoe attacks that most dungeon , delve and world bosses dish out . And with that being said lets get down to business . First things the armor sets . On this build go with five pieces hundings rage , four pieces night mothers gaze , and three pieces of sword singers jewelry the best trait for this gear is impenetrable on the armor and sharpened on the weapons ( swords or daggers are recommended ) and the enchantments that should go on the armor should be stamina and the weapon enchantments should be fire and frost on the swords and poison or disease on the bow . Sword singers jewelry can farmed in the ali'kr desert dolmen . Now this build is designed for pve but with the right group you can do pvp with this build  . This build's best strength comes from its resourcefulness and adaptability . If used properly and the right kinda player uses this build. That player can accomplish anything they set there mind to . And remember this is a main dps build so make sure if this build is used for dungeons you should have a good close range dps to back you up and keep some adds off you . And the best strategy to use during duels with this build is . Relentless force than shadow cloak and than ambush so you can get a quick upper hand in the fight and when possible use toxic barrage to finish your opponent if you think it's possible to finish off the enemy at that moment. Always think during every fight so you can adapt at a moments notice. 

Armor passives 

  Dexterity. 3/3

windwalker. 2/2

improved sneak . 2/2 

agility . 2/2

athletics . 2/2 


class skill passives 


master assassin 2/2

executioner 2/2

pressure points 2/2 

hemorrhage 2/2 



refreshing shadows 2/2 

shadow barrier 2/2 

dark vigor 2/2 

dark veil 2/2

. With this build the siphoning skills are useless 


weapon passives

dual wield

slaughter 2/2 

dual wield expert 2/2 

controlled fury 2/2 

ruffian 2/2

twin blade and blunt 2/2



long shots 2/2

accuracy 2/2

ranger 2/2

hawk eye 2/2

hasty retreat 2/2 .



magicka - 0

health - 34 

stamina - 30


Mundus stone : warrior or thief . Players choice

The warrior tree 


The Lord 

22 - expert defender 

11- quick recovery 

5 - bastion 

The lady 

10 - elemental defender 

10 - thick skinned 

10 - hardy 

The steed 

32 - medium armor focus 

23 - spell shield 

23 - resistant 


The mage tree

the ritual 

40 - mighty 

10 - piercing 

10 - thaumaturge 

the atronach 

68 - physical weapons expert 

18 - master at arms 


Thief tree

The lover 

Mooncalf 64

Healthy 25

Tenacity 25 .

The shadow 

Tumbling 10 

Shadow ward 10

Shade 10

The tower 

Sprinter 10 

Warlord 10 .

Now you can add points more to these recommended champion skill lines . This is just what i have to work with or what my projected goals are . Because my current level is 378 but the values will be higher when im 720 . 


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