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Unconventional time display and novel crown: Jump on UR-111C and enjoy a unique timepiece tour.urwerk ur 202 replica

As part of the brand’s “Special Projects” series, the UR-111C is the best product of Urwerk. This is a mature watch that rises with its mechanical ingenuity and the design spirit obtained from Blade Runner. Although the UR-111C does not carry our iconic satellite hour hand related to the brand, it is full of imaginative display effects (jump hours, linear retrograde minutes, optical fiber reinforced seconds), and looks and feels like 100% Urwerk.

Face the routine fly An alternative method of displaying time via satellite hours on futuristic ships is Urwerk's bread and butter. Therefore, when the brand launched its latest work, UR-111C, there was no iconic satellite hour complexity, and everyone's ears were punctured. The UR-111C is a fascinating machine that draws inspiration from the previous King Cobra model. The time is displayed in various formats (linear and digital) in different portholes on the case. Another surprising feature of the watch is the new interface. Urwerk gave up the traditional crown and installed a novel wheel in the center of the case with a pullable lever to set the time.

Other ways to display time First proposed by Brice when he debuted in September 2018, we now have the opportunity to deal with UR-111C and understand its personality and presence. As with all Urwerk watches, a short introductory course introduces how to read time, as well as a certain mind and willingness to transfer it to another dimension of timepieces.Maurice Lacroix AIKON replica watches

The new UR-111C has some of the characteristics of the UR-CC1 King Cobra. This is another dissident model that deviates from the roaming time formula by combining linear and retrograde indications. Like the King Cobra, the UR-111C uses a linear driver-style display on the front of the watch to display hours and minutes, but this is where the similarities end.

Just like the driver’s watch, the UR-111C’s display allows you to check the time without having to lift your hand from the steering wheel or flight controller. Three round sapphire crystal glass compartments located directly above the lugs at the bottom of the case show the gentle rotation of the wrist and time. With the help of the rotating cone, the number of hours jumped on the left side of the instrument panel can jump quickly in hours.

Complex retrograde minutes display The real display stopper is the part that occupies most of the allocated space in the center window. It is a linear representation of minutes. The number of minutes placed along the diagonal is read by a rotating spiral with thick yellow marks. The barrel with the minute mark is fixed, with a diagonal diagonal line in the middle to show the position of the inclined yellow mark and indicate the minute. Behind the Minute Barrel is another larger barrel, which is decorated with dynamic cutouts to reveal the portion of the coil spring lurking beneath the deck. Thanks to the action of the coil spring, the toner cartridge with the yellow mark rotates along the minute track. When the red 60-minute mark is reached, the instantaneous jump back to zero is large, forcing the hours to jump forward.richard mille sapphire watch replica

The cone on the right is not the second hand, but the minute reading is repeated in the rotating display, thus providing the watch with two distinct formats to query the minute. The second round of minute display actually has no real value and can provide visual balance. However, I did find that the metal marks inside the conical sapphire crystal reflected a lot of light, and sometimes it was not easy to see the hours or minutes.

Number of seconds amplified with a piece of fiber The second hand has its own cabin on the UR-111C and is located under the large sapphire glass hole, facing the top of the case, and fixed with four screws-consistent with Urwerk's industrial design spirit. Reminiscent of the windows of yesterday's front-mounted tape recorders, the circular digital seconds counter below seems very close to the water. For a more detailed description of the micro-mechanisms involved here, Brice's article explains this.

Interestingly, the two numbers are composed of two independent wheels, odd and even. The numbers seem to be leaning against the glass, as if they are closer to the surface than they actually are. Instead of the conventional daphnia lens, URWERK has performed the world's first by using optical fiber (image guide) tabs to locate the millimeters above 1/10 of the marks to establish the illusion of proximity, while in reality the numbers hide far below. Although accustomed to reading different time formats requires some adaptability, you can complain about the boring regular display! aaa swiss movement replica watches

New feeling Compared with the King Cobra, the UR-111C's case structure is more refined and aerodynamic. The obvious curvature of the case follows the contour of the wrist beautifully. Although many people may doubt the size of the Urwerk wrist machine, the UR-111C may be the most durable model to date. The case is made of two different stainless steels – one polished steel shimmers like the Greyhound bus of the 1950s, and the other uses darker bronze steel – the thickest part of the case is 46 mm long and 42 wide Mm, 15 mm high. (For reference, Apple Watch Series 4 is now available in a length of 44mm.) Imaginary imagination does not yield reliable statistics, but the curvature of the case, sleek curved design and soft front lugs can benefit you a lot. Reduce its volume.

The model we are going to review is a bronze-colored steel version, with a striking sandblasted matte effect and excellent touch. Once again, you can feel the elegant geometric minimalism of designer Martin Frei here. Along the late 1930s American modern streamlined school (aka "Decorative Art on the Move") genre, characterized by sleek aerodynamic lines that mimic the contours of trains, ocean liners, airplanes and cars, and the UR-111C case chest The vertical speed lines and curved dents on the watch give the watch a highly streamlined and tactile feel.

New interface Passing through the center of the case is a cylindrical roller with deep grooves engraved to match the rest of the decoration. Martin Frei and Felix Baumgartner hoped to use a new way to make the wearer interact with the watch, and proposed an idea of making a roller to wrap the watch. Instead of using a traditional crown on top of the case. Rotating the grooved cylinder feels very satisfying, and like any traditional crown, when the watch is fully tightened, the crown stops rotating. In my opinion, in addition to respecting the streamlined case dynamics (not interrupted by the bulky crown), this original method of redesigning the crown and interacting with the wearer is also a major achievement of the watch. Another delicate device is the time setting lever fixed on the right side of the case.jacob and co astronomia sky

motion Due to its unique structure, the movement must be inserted from the side of the case. The bottom cover is decorated with parallel vertical grilles, continuing the theme of the front of the box. Unfortunately, the mechanical principle is not shown on the back, but the automatic movement that powers the retrograde linear minutes, digital minutes and seconds when jumping has a power reserve of 48 hours and a frequency of 4 Hz (28,800 vph), and It is decorated with a circular texture, Geneva stripes, and has polished screw heads.

thought Please be assured that although the brand's iconic hovering hours display has been replaced by other formats, this watch is the core of Urwerk. The smooth, streamlined and flightable model, and the matte gunmetal-colored surface make the watch have an invisible/industrial/sci-fi appearance, which is also very tempting. Despite its distinct size and personality, the UR-111C is much more compact than other Urwerk watches, and its curved case makes it fully wearable even on a 17cm wrist (as shown). Although some of the information transmitted (two separate minute records) may not be important or even redundant, it makes the watch move.Greubel Forsey replica watches

Technical Specifications – URWERK UR-111C Case: 42mm wide x 46mm long x 15mm thick-stainless steel, matte gunmetal coating-sapphire crystal glass, with anti-reflective coating-waterproof 30m Display: time hopping-linear retrograde minutes-digital minutes-optical fiber enhanced digital seconds Movement: automatic movement with stop second hand-4 Hz (28,800 vph)-power reserve 48 hours-round abrasive grains on the movement, Geneva stripes and polished-polished screw heads Strap: black alligator leather

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