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Undaunted Pledge Widget Added to Sidebar

Hey all,

We know everyone is hard at work farming their undaunted pledges after the recent buff to chest reward drop rates, so we wanted to help by providing an out-of-game resource with a bit of information on the daily pledges here on Tamriel Foundry.

On the sidebar front the front page and feature articles you can now see the pledge information for the current and following day, like this:

Whether it merely sates your idle curiosity while slacking off at work or helps you make alternate plans when you see vWGT come around, we hope you find this helpful!

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    It appears the dungeon for the Gold Pledge is incorrect now.

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    leighdelo wrote on August 18, 2016

    It appears the dungeon for the Gold Pledge is incorrect now.

    D'oh! Apparently we forgot to update this with Shadows of the Hist's release. Appreciate the heads up - this should be working correctly again.


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    This is not available for EU Megaserver, right? Will you add EU?


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    Is this eventually going to be updated for the new 3 pledge format (silver/gold removed)? Or do we still need to wait a couple more weeks to determine the pattern?

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    While this is WAY overdue, as part of the new TF migration, the pledge feed widget is now updated.

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