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Turtle of the Order of Diagna (Back Bar)

Get this, if you already got the unique Bladethirst, and Infused Buckler from quests, then have another Level 50 (CP160) character go get them to put in your bank, but assuming you have everything else.  Let's say Maelstrom Bow, whatever the best Monster Set is popular these days, and a 5 piece Armor set of your choice, you can still wear the Necklace, and Rings for the 2, and 3 piece bonuses.  (Max health, and Max Health.)  

What this does is give you a Barswap Panic Button you can use, in any content.  With any Race, Class, Role, and Emergency Self Heal.  Resolving Vigor, Dragon Blood, Clanfear, Dark Cloak, Dark Conversion (Altmer) Remeberance ferchristsake.  (Also Altmer.)  Hell, Puncturing Sweeps with enough mobs in front of you, it doesn't matter.  You don't have to Block, you don't have to use any Weapon Skills, it just makes you tougher (Also, one more Apparel slot for a health, Stamina, or Magicka Enchantment) 

I'm going to come right out and say this is Best in Slot for those last 3 slots left over, as long as you don't care what's on your back bar.  Because you can have 2 more full sets (Counting a Monster Set) on your main bar, but whatever your Plan B is, whether it's PvP, PvE, Magicka, Stamina, or Hybrid, this set can save your life, AND doesn't interfere with your other sets.  It switches on when you Barswap.  You don't have to Tank, you can just "Turtle Up," and Heal.  Even the 4 piece set is pretty good for this, but the 5 piece (Necklace, Sword, Shield, and 2 Rings of OoD) can make the difference between dying, and getting back to Full Health, without sacrificing any of your Build Focus.  At best, we're talking the Traits here.  (If you don't have transmogrifaction.)

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