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Trying to increase my DPS on magical sorc

I have respec and respec...I am extremely lost on what I'm doing wrong.  I'm a 397 cp magic sorc. I'm not having trouble keeping alive and I seem to take things down at a reasonable rate. 

I do not do PVP. 

But want to do more heroic dungeons when I max cp. 

My magical sorc is only creating about 5.5k dps (according to my dummy at my house).

Her attributes are 38/22/4


Bar 1 

Weakness to elements

Lightning splash

Hardened ward


Summon twilight torment 

Ultimate: greater storm atronach 

Bar 2:

Dedric prey

Crystal fragments 

Flame reach 

Bound armor 

Summon twilight torment

Ultimate: soul strike 

My armor is 5/1/1 

I'm wearing Julianos

And necromptence sets with flame staffs and they are enchanted with extremely superb magical and absorb magic for staff . 

I do not get what I'm doing wrong on this. 5.5 k dps just seems awful for my level. 

Anyone have suggestions please. 


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