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Trouble Deconstructing Heavy Armor in Blacksmithing

Hi there.

So...i started a second crafting skill for one of my toons: Blacksmithing.

I find I can deconstruct weapons just fine, but I am unable to deconstruct heavy armor (or create heavy armor).

Why is this?

Similarly, with one of my toons who is level 50 wodoworker, I cannot deconstruct shields, just bows and staffs.

Clearly, i must be missing something basic.

Thanks in advance!

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    I think I figured it out. Noob mistake. Need to switch up the gear I am working with on the top right of my screen.

    That's the answer to others who couldn't see the forest for the trees!

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    Yes. In a similar way to crafting those items, you have to change the tab in the top right of your interface.

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