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The stunning beauty of ESO

Poeple criticising The Elder Scrolls Online graphism are obviously not knowing what they are talking about. It might not be as beautiful as a modded [b]Skyrim[/b], and we may have seen better looking characters in a game like Tera Online. True. However, the beauty of [b]The Elder Scrolls Online[/b] is ...mesmerising.Anyone denying it is not objective.

The lightning effect ; the weather changes ; the smallest details, may it be a ragged tapestry in a house, or the variety of vegetation bording the road ; the atmospheric sound and the music itself ; the NPC populating countrysides and cities, buzy with their own lifes ; everything is created to render the most immersive world you can experience in a MMORPG.

[i]When I play [b]The Elder Scrolls Online[/b], I'm not sitting in front of my computer anymore. I'm travelling in Tamriel. I smell the perfume of the earth after the rain. I feel the warmth of the sunrays and the freshness of the breeze on my skin. I'm gone, far away, and exploring this universe become my main quest.[/i]

I wanted to share those feelings with the future players. Most of videos you will find on internet at this day, will show you how to PVP, build your character, how the combat is working, or how to use that and that item. I wanted to show you how beautiful this game is and how amazing it will be to simply walk arround, enjoy the landscapes, and let yourself dream that you are really there.

I choose to start this serie with [b]Daggerfall[/b], as it's the least popular faction. Maybe this video will arrise more interest for the Covenant. I was, like everyone else, not really tempted by the King Emeric alliance before to actually experiment it. Since I've played through, I realised how beautiful and peacefull this zone was.

Daggerfall is a classical high fantasy themed landscape with strong influence in celtic legends and atmosphere. The weather changes very often, from bright and sunny days, to a soft rain, or thunderstorms. This drastically change the mood and add an amazing feel of immersion.

I tried to capture those changes of feels as good as I could. I hope you will enjoy the calm and peacefulness of this video. I had an immense pleasure to record it and edit it.

About Elloa:

Dreamer & Gamer. Youtuber, Streamer, ASMR artist. I build communities and spread Joy, Love and Hope on the internet. Working in pair with my boyfriend Nicky.

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    I have only got really two or three days time in game (with work and what not) and I have taken about 170 screenshots so far.


    Sometimes this is less of a game and more of a dream photography tour! I have an alt in all three factions so I can take a look at everything. Highest is level 21 so far so I have an awful lot yet to explore ....

    I really want to get to the Alik'r Desert. This redguard wants to go home finally.

    I can't remember if I have linked it anywhere here or not yet but I also took a video of me just doing nothing but walking along the beach in Auridon. (Edit: yes I did link it a couple of days ago in another thread)


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    Sainur Ironfist

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    I agree.

    Although more beards would make it even better.

    ”Come here and fight me like a man!”

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    I think this game is visually stunning. Not many games where I've been that absorbed with the landscape.

    I genuinely want to explore as a result!

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    I agree this game is gorgeous! Amd DC is awesome! Awesome vid ! :D


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    I truly agree! I'm lost every time I log in to this game, the whole scenery and atmosphere just pulls me in. It's weird, but sometimes I even get like strange butterflies when I see a certain place, like the sun rising through the trees in a colourful wooded area, kinda lame, but I adore this game :D

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    I agree that the game looks pretty, but it kind of reminds me of the environment in WoW - just a little more HD. It feels like it was "put together" the same way. I prefer the environment of Skyrim, which feels more realistic - not just in terms of being HD.

    Would be better if at least certain prominent towns had their own unique models and layouts: Riften has a canal, Windhelm has high walls around it, Whiterun is divided into tiers; as it is in ESO, all the towns (at least in the Dominion) look the same because they have the same basic layout of houses interspersed in open areas with texture roads leading up to them. It is also similar to WoW in this regard.

    I'm satisfied with the graphics, though, despite the fact that my computer is strained when running it in ultra (but not Skyrim).

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    I'm running Ultra details with SweetFX and Muddy Textures .ini fix from this forum and I am really satisfied with the graphic fidelity.

    My char is only 18lvl and atm I'm just questing and collecting shards on the way.

    I just want to experience everything this game has to offer on a slower pace without PvP in mind as I am waiting for performance optimization patches and the server move to the EU.

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    I am in love with the graphics of this game.  A lot of work went into the surroundings and I am impressed with the detail.

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    I defiantly caught myself stopping for a moment and look at the scenery, very nice atmosphere they've created :-) *Running @Max- details 1920x1080*

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    I often stop when questing to notice things. First time i noticed myself doing this was because I was riding by a tower and the setting sun was hitting it with it's glowing rays and I just thought it looked so great.

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    Bumping for the warm fuzzy feelings. Nice vid :)

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    Thank you everyone!

    I've a giant file with footage for another video like that: Just do not find the time to do it! I've so much videos I want to edit... and I still need to play the game sometimes aswell! :D

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    I still think Tera online was a much better game.


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