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The Story Of A Dark Hero: Shadow-Light-Bringer Part 1: The F

To the reader of the story of my life, I will tell you the light side of me show's very partially in this story. This will tell about my life, my reasons, and my goals. Have a drink and sit back because you will be here for a while.

The first thing you should know about me is that I'm Saxhleel, or Argonian as you people call us. My birth is probably different from yours, whreas you are instantly granted a soul, I must drink from my Hist Sap to get mine. I remember very little mostly beacause I was an newborn. When I first tasted my Sap, it tasted very nasty, there were small points in it that good but it was barely tasteable. As I drank more, the Sap began to taste more delicious and not so disgusting. When I had my final sip, it was very delicious. My mother and father held me during this sequence and watched in astonishment. I also noticed some people behind them, they were like dark shadowy figures. I think one of them had blood on his knuckles and a evilish grin to him. I also remember hearing the words "The Shadow has made your son more special than it has made anyone else." Know that I think back on that I realize that he was morw right than anything. My name that they gave me was ... well you people can't say it but I'm usally called Shadow-Light-Bringer. For the first 6 years of my life, I was nutured and taken care of in this sort of sanctuary by my mother, father, and sometimes when they went off to do something I was taken care of by this wierd Dunmer lady I remember as Marcea, she was vey strange. When my parents left me with Marcea, they put something wierd around my neck, and at times when she picked me up she looked very happy, but when she saw the thing around me, she put me down and felt a little disappointed. Now at the age of 6, I was a happy and gleeful Argonian. That all changed when I went wandering around one day. I was walking around with little care and happinies in the sanctuary when I stumbled upon a room. Now I was a happy little explorer who had to see everything damned thing and that's what I intended to do. I noticed that the room had a very staggering smell coming from it, my nose could barely take it in, but I had to go on. I slowly opened the door hopping for something neat and nice. How stupid and wrong I was. There was a hallway and it was pitch black and I couldn't see a thing, so I decided to go light a candle I could barely see. As I made my way across the room, I was feeling something very mushy underneath my feet. It felt so squishy and nasty that I could swear a dog overstayed that room. I even felt a maggot at my legs whenever they got too close to the ground. Finally I had made it to the other end in relive. When I lit the candle, I gasped in horror. All across the room was ... DEAD BODIES .  I nearly lost my sanity by looking at this pile of dead. There were worms, maggots, and flies all around the area. How could somethig like this happen and who did this? I heard a voice beside me:

"Beatiful, isn't it young one?" the voice said

"Wh.. Who di.. wh.. who are you?" I said in a scared tone.

"Fret not, I am your leader. You are a part of the Dark Brotherhood. We are an organization dedicated to one person, Sithis, and he is dedicated to one thing, murder. You are a special type of murderer, like your parents you are a Shadowscale."

"Wha... What is that"

"Shadowscales are Argonians that are born under the sign of The Shadow. At birth we take them and teach them the way's of the assassintation and murder. Very soon you will get to spill blood." he said.

"Do I get to help people" I said like an idiot.

"Yes, you can say that." he said with the evilish grin I saw at birth.

"Your training will begin tommorow, you will learn about the powers of assassinatin, lurking in the shadows's, and many more." he concluded.

And with that he just simply vanished to another place. I was simply confused with what had happened, but I still had to do what he said regardless.

The next day was training day, my mother and father knew they would be proud by their " Little Assassin". When I arrived, I thought I would be the only one there, but there was about 20 others! I thought assassinating was a one man job, but I was wrong. So we were greeted and took the "Praise Sithis" oath. To start off we ... ah, ah, ah, Dark Brotherhood secrets. Anyway, 10 years had passed and I was the top in my class. I had learned a whole dictonary of moves like teleporting, striking, hiding, trapping, putting shadows over me so that I can hide. All the day's were not fun at all, but it wasn't boring. That would all change when the leader called me one day to him.

"Today is a very special day for you Shadow-Light-Bringer." he said.

"Why would that be?" I asked.

"Today you recieve your first."

"First what?"

"Your first contract."




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    Neithrys the Skylamp

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    Not bad. Let your imagination fly wide and wild...

    Life is the laugh, Death is the joke.


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    Nice job!

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    Member96 Posts

    Very well written.Looking forward to more.

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    Member531 Posts

    I liked it, hope you are still working on posting the next part!


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    As stated by others it's indeed very well written, will stay tuned for more

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    I like the story. I can't wait to read the others. I, too, wrote a story on an Argonian drafted into the Dark Brotherhood. Keep up the good work. Hail Sithis! Arun-Ja


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