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Live's "The Shielding Shaman" DragonKnight Trials Healer

Are you tired of meta healers? Wanting to try healing with a challenging, active, and rewarding build? Are you a templar healer that is getting used to your current trick, and maybe wanna experiment elsewhere………? This may be the build for you.

Those that currently or have played with me know i tend to try to exasperate every option in order to stay away from a “conventional” build/roll when choosing my classes.  Now that orbs can be used for mag/stam other healing classes are even more viable than before.

_____Why A DragonKnight??_____

Why not.  But seriously, the DK has some pretty awesome stuff when it comes to laying down the heals.  We have class heals, we can give out shields, we can give out minor brutality, we have some good ulti generation, we have great resource management due to gaining it all back when using ult, and we have the ability to have a really good minor mending uptime, we have a great aoe interrupt, and more!

_____Unbuffed Gear And Stats?_____

I am running a High Elf DragonKnight with the Atronach mundus


Trinimac's Valor:

Im currently running:

5x: Spell Power Cure

5x: Worm/Trinimac's

1x: Precise Vma Resto

1x: Sharpened Vma Lightning Destro/ 1x: Precise Vma or master resto

Because your running 7 light, having a tank with ebon in group is almost manditory.

Other options (my preference) for this build depending on your group composition could also be:




_____Why Trinimac's Valor?_____

For the offset on my dk healer i went with Trinimac's Valor as long as the other healer is able to wear worm.  With all the Igneous Shields going out it seemed like a logical choice.  It synergizes with the dk healer very well, and sends out a very decent heal along with some added dmg.  Since our igneous goes out to multiple people, it has a great proc rate.  Its free Heals for casting your minor mending/group shield skill.


I currently have one main loadout with a flex spot depending on whats needed:

Bar1: Cauterize, Deep Breath, Ele Drain, Orbs, Inner Light – Ult: Barrier/Lights Champion

Bar2: Igneous Shield, Combat Prayer, Healing Ward, Healing Springs, Inner light – Ult: War Horn

My flex spot is on Bar1 where deep breath is usually slotted. Skill that can replace that are: Elemental Blockade, Obsidian Shard, and Engulfing Flames.  These are all situationally useful.  If you need the extra heals and your running Dual resto you will want to put Force Siphon where Ele Drain goes, and you can also run Mutagen in the flex spot.  There isnt really a rotation, mainly use healing skills as needed and keep igneous up as much as possible.  It gives out a nice 1.9k shield and gives our stam users minor Brutality.  As an added bonus we get minor mending and a 6k shield for ourselves.  Healing ward/Combat Prayer are our oh shit heals.  Cauterize is a goes out 3x per cast (1 every 5 seconds) and gives out a 10k heal, its actually pretty rad.  If your using Trinimac's you get free heals each time you use Igneous, which can also be quite powerful, plus its like it was made for a dk healer ;)

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    Have you looked at the new set coming with dragon bones?

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    Tasear wrote on February 2, 2018

    Have you looked at the new set coming with dragon bones?

    i have i expect it will be pretty sweet on dk healer, i plan to update after it goes live

    ****Memento Casorum****



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    Another question did you notice any issues with triminc valor proc? I heard some things on very little uptime. Haven't had to test it on mine so I was wondering how often you see it working?


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