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The Paladin - End Game Tank/Healer (DB Updated)

The Paladin

So I finally updated it, Current 6/22/16


I wanted to create a end game tank that could heal while tanking some of the hardest 4 man content in the game. And I wanted to test how Extreme I could take the concept of a "Buff Bar' to. So I created this magicka tank and found that it works very well. Also note this is a extremely active playstyle so you need to keep your buffs going


The Race is pretty flexible on this due to the fact that Any race that does either Tanking or Magicka well will excel at this setup. But with that being said there is top race choices like any other build

1- Imperial - With the biggest increase to your base stats over any other race it's hard to say no to that

2- Breton - Being the almost de facto magigka templar race it's not too much diffrent here

That being said my toon is a breton because he was a normal healer before I switched to this setup and if ever given the chance I will swtch to Imperial, which will probably require switching to Arcane jewelry and rebalancing my stats thou attributes 


I currently have all 64 points into magicka but depending on your race and jewelry you may want to set it up differently. Just try to hit 27k+ health and 15k+ stamina and then put everything else into magicka. 

Mundus Stone

I am using the Atronach Stone due to the fact I need the extra recovery it supplies. I also use Apprentice from time to time when I only tanking as you don't use nearly as much magicka


Now onto the good stuff, the one thing nice about this build is all the gear is craftable so you can look however you want and it's kinda easily accessible. It is however all 8 and 9 trait crafted gear so not that easy craft. My current setup is using a 1 Piece Kenna and I have both setups below


Buffed Stats (Food, Armor Master buff, Armor buff up, And TriStat Potion drank, Max Fury, Rage Enchant)


So my Armor Setup is

Head              - Kagrenac's Hope - Heavy     - Infused      - Prismatic(TriStat)

Chest              - Armor Master     - Heavy    - Infused     - Prismatic(TriStat)

Shoulders        - Kagrenac's Hope - Heavy    - Reinforced - Stamina

Waist              - Kagrenac's Hope - Light     - Divines      - Stamina

Hands             - Kagrenac's Hope - Medium - Divines      - Stamina

Legs               - Armor Master     - Heavy     - Infused      - Prismatic(TriStat)

Feet                - Armor Master     - Heavy    - Reinforced - Stamina

Bar 1&2 Shield - Armor Master     - Infused     - Prismatic(TriStat)

Bar 1 Weapon  - Kagrenac's Hope - Infused     - Rage 

Bar 2 Weapon  - Armor Master      - Infused    - Crushing

Necklace          - Willpower          - Healthy      - Magicka Recovery (Might get away with less recovery but haven't tested)

Ring 1             - Willpower          - Healthy      - Magicka Recovery

Ring 2             - Willpower          - Healthy      - Magicka Recovery

The weapon traits and enchants can be whatever, I currently use enchants listed but you may find something that works better for you. So the armor is setup so you have 5 Kagernac's on the front bar and 5 Armor Master on the back buff bar. My current Armor is all gold so if you end up with less stats than me it is because of the difference of gold gear and CP, yes CP adds to your main stat pools

My Kenna Armor Setup


Buffed Stats (Food, Armor Master buff, Armor buff up, And TriStat Potion drank, and Major Prophecy, Max Furry, Rage Enchant)


Head              – Molag Kenna – Heavy     – Infused      – Prismatic(TriStat)

Chest              – Armor Master     – Heavy    – Infused     – Prismatic(TriStat)

Shoulders        – Kagrenac’s Hope – Heavy    – Reinforced – Stamina

Waist              – Kagrenac’s Hope – Light     – Divines      – Stamina

Hands             – Kagrenac’s Hope – Medium – Divines      – Stamina

Legs               – Armor Master     – Heavy     – Infused      – Prismatic(TriStat)

Feet                – Armor Master     – Heavy    – Reinforced – Stamina

Bar 1 Weapon  – Kagrenac’s Hope - Infused   - Rage

Bar 1 Shield    – Kagrenac's Hope – Infused     – Prismatic(TriStat)

Bar 2 Weapon  – Armor Master     - Infused   - Crushing

Bar 2 Shield    – Armor Master     – Infused     – Prismatic(TriStat)

Necklace          – Willpower          – Healthy      – Magicka Recovery (Might get away with less recovery but haven’t tested)

Ring 1             – Willpower          – Healthy      – Magicka Recovery

Ring 2             – Willpower          – Healthy      – Magicka Recovery

This new setup with Kenna trades some Spell Resist for some extra spell damage. I was trying to get a Heavy Reinforced Kenna shoulder as I am not a fan of the head but RNGjesus has never gave me ANY heavy kenna shoulders so I got a Heavy infused head.

Skill Bars

Now being a very versatile class that the templar is, a lot of skills can be swapped for different skills depending on the different situations. Any good healer already does this


Bar 1

Puncturing Sweeps - Maybe the best skill in the game?? With enough CP and armor buffs up and heal though a lot of boss's damage while doing damage.

                              Also you need a Aedric to proc the passive

Pierce Armor - You're a tank, you need a Taunt

Repentance - Buff's your recoveries passively and as long as there's adds or one person is running Engine Guardian then you won't have any stamina issues

Breath of Life - Your main heal

Structured Entropy - Main spell power buff and the added health helps ease the diffrent health values between the bar's. And empower is alwasy nice. This                                     ability gets switched out sometime for certain situations like Radiant Destruction on the inhibiter

Shooting Star - This build can keep most targets quite stationary so you can do some decent damage with this, just make sure to empower with entropy before                        use. Also the magicka controller passive helps

Bar 2

Blazing Shield - Good ability on a tank but this abilty gets switch out for Shards alot depending on team comp. Also need a Aedric ability for the passives

Inner Rage - Ranged taunt, need I say more. This is your true float slot when you think you won't need a ranged taunt. Abilities like Cleansing Ritual or                              Vampire's Bane work very well here

Purifying Light - Contributes damage to the team and you will be in the healing puddle 90% of the time. So make sure the enemy always has a skylight on                               them. Plus it gives your team Minor Sorcery

Channeled Focus - This skill is amazing for a tank. It gives you your major armor buffs, It's gives you a bunch of recovery, It makes your Breath of Life hit 30%                            harder. And since you can usually dictate when the fight is gonna happen you can be in your saftey circle most of the time

Harness Magicka - Used to proc the Armor Master passive but it also gives you a decent amount of survivability against some bosses and some free magicka

Aggressive Horn - Most of the time you will be running with 3 DPS so this skill will add ALOT of damage to your team and if you have to tank the enemy for                               less time it makes things a lot easier

Other Skills

Shards - Can go where Blazing Shield is when the stam DPS are needy

Sun Fire(and its morphs) - When you don't need that Ranged Taunt the Major Prophecy is nice

Ritual of Retribution - Good skill for a Hot and a AOE slow

Remembrance - For Certain boss attacks that BoL doesn't cut it for

Solar Disturbance - Nice Mitigation but I usually use Warhorn to kill things Faster

Barrier - If I had Support 9 for the Passive I would Run this on the front bar and always use Apprentice

Toppling Charge - Good when you want that extra mobiility

Champion Points

Now this can change alot depending on person to person and what they find works well for them, but this is how i currently have my 466 Champion Points. Also I don't think this build is for the people who have low amount of Champion Points but it should still work very well


46 Hardy - Good Damage mitigation

46 Elemental Defender -  Soo much fire damage in the game

48 Quick Recovery - Your health moves ALOT and this helps it more in the right direction

27 Bastion - Now that Harness Magicka absorbs physical too and you hit that skill every 10 sec and 10% boost is nice

Also I like the 75 point passive Revival in the lord because if you go down shit has hit the fan and the Revival passive help clean the shit off the fan faster


75 Magician - You cast ALOT so reduction works really well and pairs well with Channeled Focus

75 Arcanist - Recovery is very helpful lol and that Synergizer Passive is always nice

17 Tumbling - Cuz rolling around is fun.....


100 Blessed - More heals..... nuf said

67 Elemental Expert - Buff up the Sweeps damage nicely and thus more sweeps heals


So this build requires a lot of bar swapping(oh how I <3 my Elite Controller) and you will need to know the boss fights well if you are trying to be the tank and the healer. So if you are fairly new to the game play as just a tank and you will do fine and as you get more comfortable try losing the dedicated healer.

So most fights allow you to keep the boss pretty stationary so keep your safety circle down at all times. Other than that it's keeping your 3 other buff's up, and those are Purifying Light, Harness Magicka(Armor Master buff is 10 sec), and your Entropy buff. other than that cycling between Sweeps and Breath to keep you and your team alive

Also It's now more important than ever to light weave you sweeps because of the new rage enchant

And here is a Video of me Tanking and healing Molag Kenna At VR16 with 3 DPS and no shard gliching


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    Usually the reason people don't want tanks doing rez's is because they have the Boss looking at them, and can get interrupted/die from not having your block up. But when stacking templar with Kag's it becomes alot less risky and suddenly you become the best person to do rez's most of the time. And if you really want to be awesome for your team then you carry some immovable pot's. I do agree that most tanks shouldn't do the rez's and it should be the DPS but this build isn't most tanks lol

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    Is there any chance to update that build because i can only find that "Paladin" build with imperial templar. :(

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    I think the recent shield mitigation changes (shields are now affected by armor) have made this build viable again, with the caveat that you'll need to use 5 light armor instead of 5 heavy. Hitting the mitigation cap is still easy if you use armor master, 1pc chudan and put some cp into light armor focus (or you can use defending as your sword trait, both work well). You can shield stack with radiant ward and dampen magic, giving you a buffer to heal up by using puncturing sweep.

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