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The Legionnaire - a high dps Pet-Sorc (Summerset)

Hi, everybody!

In this guide I'd like to show you my "Thievish Legionnaire" - a pve pet sorcerer with really high dps for any type of (end) content. This build will probably not be the ultimate for all time (nor even for now) - it's suppose is to show ONE way to play the pet sorc in a pretty easy but effective way! I try to keep it up to date as well as I can, but I don't give any promisses - only this one: It will never be daily! :-)

But now, take your seat and enjoy!


  1. Race
  2. Mundus
  3. Champion Points
  4. Consumables
  5. Sets
  6. Skills
  7. Rotation
  8. Miscellaneous


I've chosen a HIGHELF cause it's passives are pretty nice for a sorc. DARKELF is an absolute option and maybe even better. But it's sustain is not as well as a HIGHELF's. 


With a NO-RANDOM party, in your fix raid-party for example, choose "The Thief" for higher crit chance! 

Some groups are not raid buffed very well, so you could run "The Lover" instead to got more penetration - BUT: If you run with Lover mundus the distribution of your CP will be another as if you run with Thief! Also the traits of the three big pieces of armor will be different!

Champion points

(just the blue ones, red and green should be on your own needs, goods and behaviour ;-) )

StarThe ThiefThe Lover
Elemental Expert4964
Staff Expert219
Master at Arms2826


Blue max health/ max magicka buff food and "Essence of Spell Power" potions (Cornflower, Ladys Smock, Water Hyacinth)


SlotFirst ChoiceAlternative(s)TraitEnchantmentStyle/Weight
HeadZaanIlambrisinfused (divines with "Lover")max Magickaheavy
ShoulderZaanIlambrisdivinesmax Magickamedium
ChestNecropotence-infused (divines with "Lover")max Magickalight
HandsSiroriaMother's Sorrow, (Mechanical Acuity only with "Lover")divinesmax Magickalight
WaistSiroriaMother's Sorrow,  (Mechanical Acuity only with "Lover")divinesmax Magickalight
LegsNecropotence-infused (divines with "Lover")max Magickalight
FeetSiroriaMother's Sorrow,  (Mechanical Acuity only with "Lover")divinesmax Magickalight
NecklaceNecropotence-arcane or bloodthirstyspell damage
RingNecropotence-arcane or bloodthirstyspell damage
RingNecropotence-arcane or bloodthirstyspell damage
FrontbarLightning Staff of SiroriaLightning Staff of Mother's Sorrow, (Mechanical Acuity only with "Lover")infusedflame/fire damage
BackbarMaelstrom's Lightning StaffLightning Staff of Siroria/ Mother's Sorrow, (Mechanical Acuity only with "Lover")infusedweapon/ spell power


FB: 1- Shock Clench (clench), 2- Daedric Prey (curse), 3- Volatile Familiar (pet), 4- Mage's Wrath (finisher), 5- Twilight Matriarch, Ultimate- Shooting Star

BB: 1- Liquid Lightning (LL), 2- Blockade of Storms (bos), 3- Empowered Ward, 4- Twilight Matriarch, 5- Volatile Familiar, Ultimate- Greater Storm Atronach (atro)

NOTE: I like the Twilight Matriarch, cause in some situations (if you are going down under in CR for example) the heal helps a lot to survive - not only for you but also for your mates. If you want to max your dps slightly more, choose the Tormentor!


(LA= light attack, HA= heavy attack, BS= bar swap)

opening (on the BB):

Pot - pet - atro - LA - bos - BS - LA - curse - BS - LA - LL - BS - HA - clench - BS


LA - bos - BS - LA - pet - BS - LA - LL - BS - LA - curse - HA - clench - BS (repeat 'till finishing)


- keep up your bos, LL ! (curse and pet also, if you can sustain it)

- weave your finisher (LA-finisher-LA-finsher- ...)

NOTE: In case of single targets drop your Atro all the time if it's ready! In AoE situations take the shooting star or change the Atro with destro-ulti!


With that build I got some pretty nice dps (completely selfbuffed) on both 3 mio (46k) and 6 mio dummy (43,5k). (parse screenshots will follow)

Last but not least here is a link to my youtube chanel where you can find more or less actual videos of some tests on the 3 mio and 6 mio dummies. Raghor @yt

I hope you enjoyed this little guide. For critics, questions, etc. just leave a comment below!

So far ... 


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    Moderator1308 Posts

    Looks pretty nice. Though Zaan being recommended ahead of Ilambris is a bit surprising. In my experience in many of the fights in trials, Ilambris and Valkyn are more competitive because of the amount of movement involved. But I guess it's fine if you run with a strong group with a strategy that can support you with this.

    Zaan also forces you to be within 10 m range, but none of your other skills require you be closer than 17 m, IMO it just seems like an additional factor of inconvenience.

    e pluribus unum

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    Member6 Posts


    First of all: Thanks :)

    Yeah, you are absolutely right. In fights with a lot of movement you have to figure out wich one you prefer. That's why I added the alternatives as well. You need them pretty often :-) ... But in the most fights I am in Zaan is pretty cool. Even if you are not all the time in range, at the end of the most fights normally you will be - and that is more important (in my oppinion), because that's the point where you need the burst typically. But again: Yes, you need to figure out for each boss-fight, which setup performs the best for you! ^^

    So far ...

    Best regards, Raghor


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