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The Housing System of the ESO is Coming Soon

Housing is an often-requested feature in just about every MMORPG that launces without it. The Elder Scrolls Online is no different. Since the game launched, housing has been one of Zenimax’s most-requested additions. Here comes the good news! In early 2017, Homestead will be the free Update that brings it to all Tamriel’s citizens. There's no place like home after a long day of adventuring. Homestead, The Elder Scrolls Online's player housing system, is coming in February 2017.

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    Damn shame there won't be any extra storage space with housing, at least at launch.

    Ruined housing entirely for me


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    Silver-Strider wrote on December 12, 2016

    Damn shame there won’t be any extra storage space with housing, at least at launch.

    Ruined housing entirely for me

    I think in eso housing was never going to be more than what you get from the reliquary in wrothgar - empty shelves for trophies.  I am sure extra storage is coming... likely upgradeable through crown store :)

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    I just hope the Housing Editor will be great. Crafting my own furniture and placing them wherever and however (supposedly) I like sounds like a dream come true.

    Altho I'm pretty skeptical about how they'll pull that off. Still, I'm excited!

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    I'm curious as to what trophies will be available and if I'll finally have a common place to view all my Achievements as I have completed different ones on different characters... Would love a common place to show off everything I've done...


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