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Greetings All!

There are some glorious things coming out of the community recently. Podcasts, websites, artwork, guilds, you name it we've brought it. So Ice Talon's Production House is bringing a Podcast called "The Great Hall". We're focusing our content on Guilds, what they face during a new MMO's build up, what they deal with on a daily basis, and the game design decisions that affect them. We're reaching out to the community and Guild Leader's in general to feel free to join us for a recording of the podcast to levy your opinion's on these issues!

We're hoping if there's enough community involvement to partner with guilds to discuss the ESO community both in-game and out and the various events and recruitment that each guild is putting out there. It can also provide a forum for player's to hear the news in-game so that even when they log in they don't miss out on the latest! Again, this is less "Official" news and more focused on what the player's deal with. Send me a PM here on the Foundry if you're interested in guesting on the show or want to hear us record live!

EDIT: Due to contracting the ick we're holding off on the podcast for a few days. Nords apparantly have a hard time dealing with flu season. lol



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