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The First - Hybrid Sorcerer DPS for PVE Content!

Before I begin I stole the entire format from Yolo Wizard.  Infact, a lot of it will go unchanged because it's that good.  I have no shame.


Hi all!

For those of you who know who I am, you know that I have been building and playing around with this toon for the better part of one year.  For those of you that don't, I'm from a reservation in Alabama and that pretty much explains everything.  I've always been ecstatic about hybrid builds, but have felt and experienced for a long time that they were neither functional nor viable much less competitive.  Well today I finally ironed out a vast majority of the rotation and skill errors I was making and did way beyond my expectations and I would like to share this build with all of you!

  • Race
  • Attributes
  • Mundus Stone
  • Champion Points
  • Stats
  • Potion
  • Gear
  • Skills & Rotation
  • DPS Screenshots (soon to follow!)


My character is Nord, but the BIS race without a question is Dark Elf due entirely to the stam/mag stat gain and additional elemental damage passives.  Argonians would be a strong second because of their inordinately strong resource regeneration with their potion passives which assist the hybrids off stat management greatly.


I have 30 points into Magicka and 34 points into stamina in order for me to best reach the 60/40 stam to magicka ratio that my parses show.  This will change dependent upon your race.


The Thief


CP distribution is based on sources of damage, and the percentage of damage they cause towards monsters.

The Mage

  • Elemental Expert : 40 points
  • Elfborn : 15 points
  • Thaumaturge: 65 points
  • Mighty: 50 points
  • Precise Strike: 17 points

The Thief

  • Magician : 100 points
  • Warlord : 30 points
  • Arcanist : 33 points
  • Mooncalf : 24 points

The Warrior (depends on what you are doing)







You will be using Essence of Spell Power potions.  Our magicka consumption is extraordinarily high since we are in medium armor.  Also, due to the limited amount of slots we have, there is no room for inner light and we thus have no other method of gaining Major Prophecy as a sorcerer.


Make sure to have 1 piece Heavy and 1 piece light for benefit from the Undaunted Mettle passive which will increase your max stats by 6%.  There is no excuse to be anything but 5/1/1, hybrids need stats (lots of them) and 5 Medium 1 Light 1 heavy assists that best. What you will need is:

  • 5x Pelinal's Aptitude (Crafted in Gold Coast)

    All large pieces will be infused with tri-stat glyphs.  Small pieces will be divines with either tristat or max stam/magicka.

  • 2x Stormfist (Head drops in Tempest Island) 

    All large pieces will be infused with tri-stat glyphs.  Small pieces will be divines with either tristat or max stam/magicka.

  • 3x Agility Jewelry (Imperial City Chests) 

    All jewelry pieces will be Arcane and glyphed for Weapon Damage.

  • 2x Maelstrom Daggers/Axes (Drops from Vet Maelstrom Arena)

  • 1x Lightning Maelstrom Staff (Drops from Vet Maelstrom Arena)


Currently Sharpened wins over Precise in most cases, however I haven’t got the chance to test Precise in a good support group. Will do that some time.

why lightning over inferno staff?

Again, this comes down to two issues.  We are starved for raid buffs and do not have the skill slots for a reliable AOE spammable, so what better way than to just slot bound armaments and hold LMB?!



Bar 1 Dual Wield

  1. Rapid Strikes: The obvious choice to get our Cruel Flurry Buff and our Main Spammable.
  2. Rearming Trap: Phenomenal DOT and our source of Minor Force.
  3. Blood Craze: Because this build performs best without Power Surge, we need some sort of HOT to not complete soak of the healer's time.
  4. Evil Hunter: Our source of Major Savagery.
  5. Bound Armaments: Phenomenal skill that boosts our stamina as well as our Heavy Attacks making our Lightning heavies hit for much harder than expected.
  6. Flawless Dawnbreaker: We almost never use this ult.

Bar 2

  1. Liquid Lightning: One of the most powerful DoT in the game. It does insane amount of damage and must be up all the time in single target and AoE situations.
  2. Elemental Blockade: One of the strongest abilities in the game for Magicka users, a must use for AOE and single target.
  3. Boundless Storm: Boundless Storm will provide a higher proc rate of magicka implosion (which due to our relatively large health pool, hits like a freight train).  Hurricane will provide you will better overall DPS with that said.
  4. Crit Surge/Daedric Prey/Mage's Wrath: In instances where we do not have access to igneous weapons, we must utilize Power Surge as our only source of Major Brutality and Major Sorcery will not buff our damage due to the point in process where Pelinal's equalizes your damage.  Daedric Prey otherwise has conditional uses - it hits moderately hard but we cannot afford to put it into a rotation UNLESS our Storm Atronach is up and running.  If we have igneous weapons available, and the fight in question has multiple add mechanics that allow us to use an ultimate other than Atronach, we utilize Mage's Wrath instead.
  5. Bound Armaments: As above.
  6. Thunderous Rage or Greater Storm Atronach/Charged Atronach: Thunderous Rage is insanely powerful ultimate on trash or multiple adds.  Greater Storm Atronach with Daedric Prey will beat the shit out of whatever it links, but since he's uncontrollable he can be problematic with many adds.  Charged Atronach is a good middle-of-the-road substitute if you are having a mid-life crisis choosing between Greater Storm Atronach and Thunderous Rage.

As for rotation it is as following:

Boundless Storm (every other rotation) > Atronach > Daedric Prey (only when atronach) > Liquid Lightning > LA > Elemental Blockade > Potion > Barswap > Rapid Strikes > Rearming Trap > Heavy Attack > Rapid Strikes > LA > Blood Craze > LA > Rapid Strikes  ….. and repeat (recasting on cooldown)


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    Member65 Posts

    I like what you've done looks fun. Question with out vma weapons what would you run?


    also what do you think about the khajit or imperial race

    PS4 na chiefpoppasquat

    psn chiefpoppasquatt

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    Member23 Posts
    Chiefpoppasquat wrote on January 18, 2017

    I like what you’ve done looks fun. Question with out vma weapons what would you run?

    also what do you think about the khajit or imperial race

    If 5 Medium Pelinal's is your base, then Armor of Truth would be the best(though not by a large margin).  You will need to put more attribute points into magicka to make up for robust jewelry (as well as 1 healthy).

    If 5 Light Pelinal's is your base, then 5 Scathing Mage would be the best.

    Relatively poor choices compared to the Argonian and Dark Elf.  Argonian really helps with the massive sustain issues hybrids have on their tertiary stat whilst Dark Elf is simply the best deeps choice.  Imperial offers more stamina which is dandy but not solid, and the Khajiit offers 8% crit, which turns out to be a very low DPS increase at this time because out CHD modifier is very low.

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    Member3 Posts

    I've been playing around with different build etc for ages and cannot settle on anything. Personally I hate playing cookie cutter builds that are two-a-penny...it's boring and lacks imagination, even it's it is efficient. I've been looking at going hybrid from magicka (my main is magicka) and this is a great start for me, thank you. Not the best at testing etc, or i'm just lazy, either way this shows that hybrid can at least be more competitive than people give them credit for.

    I'll definitely be giving this a go and will have a play to make it more my own style, but great job. Look forward to any updates from the upcoming patch too....let's hope that they don't kill hybrids off!! :D

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    Member1 Posts

    Thanks for the build. I'm currently giving it a go and it's a lot of fun. Unfortunatly I ran into a couple of issues. I use 5 medium and play a Dunmer at 561cp.

    Firstly, due to lacking of MA weapons I use Hunding's for the 2 piece bonus (weapon crit), what means I don't get the damage buff to enemies affected by wall of elements. That results in a comparable weak Lightning Staff HA and taking rather long for killing trash mob. Doesn't know what to do about it. Maybe putting some champion points in Spell Erosion and  Staff Expert after the coming update (600cp cap)? I don't like changing to 5 light armor for the spell penetration passive because I don't have space on my bar for shields and the missing of the 12% Dmg passive from medium. Does that lightning staff heavy attacks benefit from that passive and the Thraumaturg CP?

    Also with Update 13 they nerf Rearming Trap by a large margin. Do you think it's better to replace that skill with something else like Caltrops or Echoing Curse?

    How do you sustain with 3 weapon damage glyphs? I often run out of stamina. That beeing said, I don't use Boundless Storm but Hurricane so that drains my stamina rather quickly. I've got no problems to sustain magicka. Maybe I'll change that.

    Thanks in advance. :)

    @Stix: I really hope the don't nerf Hybrids even further. But I read the pts patch notes and they nerf Rearming Trap, the increased crit dmg bonus and they cut the 5 piece bonus of the Trainee Set in half. Making it even harder to create a viable hybrid.

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    My very short and sweet guide explains how I manage resources with 5 medium.  DW skills and trap are very cheap and because I mix in a heavy attack, my resource regeneration for stamina is higher than my expenditure, so stam management isn't a problem.  If you are struggling most with stam management, try throwing heavies into the mix.  They do good damage with VMA staff + Bound Armaments and provide resources back which is always welcome.

    One thing I neglected to explain in detail is that I think this build really shines in execute DPS.  Implosion has an internal cooldown associated with it, which means that if you have a source to proc both the physical and lightning implosions, you are going to be OBLITERATING anything in execute range since it also scales off max health (wherein yours will be higher due to prismatic glyphs) and you aren't limited as heavily by Implosions internal cooldown.

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    Member66 Posts

    I run a Hybrid Sorc, I love seeing others are running it and utilizing it so well.

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    Member66 Posts

    I wonder if you'd get higher DPS running VO or IA gold Jewelry. That's a 5% Boost to Dungeon and Trial Bosses and 688 Weapon/Spell critical. Depending on your race you as Nord would most likely benefit the most from VO. Where as me as Altmer I'd benefit more from IA. Just a thought.

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    Member1 Posts

    If someone were to level as this build, how would you recommend doing it?  I'm a newer player, haven't quite been able to decide what I want to play and I think a big part of that is that I tend to prefer spellsword/hybrid archetypes - this looks really interesting, but I'm not sure how much I can expect from it with no CP investment.

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    Member23 Posts

    I wouldn't recommend it at all.

    The lack of CP will unfortunately cripple both your damage and your resource management.  I would say the minimum amount of CP would be 300 before I even attempted to bring a Hybrid DPS into a Veteran Dungeon or normal trial.

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    Member1122 Posts

    Why are you using Agility jewelry?  I see you have the jewelry as Arcane to get balance out that stats, but I would expect with the lower damage the hybrid build is doing 5% (though it is actually less) would be a nice increase.  Do you have parses comparing the use of Agility as you specified to Moondancer/Alkosh jewelry?

    Pancakes are a lie. There are only Waffles. 

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    Anodin wrote on March 5, 2017

    Why are you using Agility jewelry? I see you have the jewelry as Arcane to get balance out that stats, but I would expect with the lower damage the hybrid build is doing 5% (though it is actually less) would be a nice increase. Do you have parses comparing the use of Agility as you specified to Moondancer/Alkosh jewelry?

    It's a restriction of poor max stats and CP, and not all of our damage coming from sources buffed by minor slayer.  Since slayer is multiplicative and stats are fixed, we have lower base numbers to work with meaning the raw stats end up beating out the minor slayer.  Eventually minor slayer will begin to outperform raw stats with more CP, but not at the current moment.

    However, I have been toying with dropping Maelstrom DW and Stormfist for 4PC Alkosh.

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    I've been messing with a hybrid sorc for a while and I'm doing it pretty similar to you. What I don't understand is how you can get your out of combat weapon and spell damage and criticals so high. I don't have maelstrom weapons but still my damage is at most 2700 and crits are 10% lower than yours even though I'm using precise. How do you get them so high??

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    Hey Buddy just wondering if you have updated this looking to get back in ESO and I was wondering if you had made any changes.

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    Another thing to consider is changing Whirling Blades to Steel Tornado and replacing Bloodthirst with Shrouded Daggers for AoE situations and using Crushing Weapon in that slot for single target fights.

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    Contributor7914 Posts

    The Lightning Staff also gives a bonus to AoE Damage.  All AoE damage, including the Splash from Endless Fury, and things like Endless Hail, or Blade Cloak.  However, this (Ancient Knowledge) 4% damage increase is only active when you have the Lightning Staff out, which is why I called the Physical weapon the "Back Bar."  Technically Steel Tornado counts as AoE, but it's basically instant.  It's on your Dual Wield bar, so it doesn't benefit from the Ancient Knowledge bonus, but Impulse does, because it's on the Destruction Staff bar.  (It's also Shock damage, so the Expert Mage passive gives you another 8%.) 

    With Critical Surge up, (And a Dual Wield physical damage bar) you shouldn't need the healing from Blood Craze, especially with a Khajiit (Another good Hybrid race, with their Spell, and Weapon Critical buff.)  You're going to be dealing enough damage at all times to proc off Criticals, all the time (You're in combat.)  

    This isn't my build, and I don't really do Party DPS.  (In groups, I'd rather Tank.)  However, I'd look into a Bow Backbar, because that has AoDoT like Endless Hail to stack on your Liquid Lightning, and you can switch back to your Lightning Staff for that 4% damage bonus.  It doesn't seem like a lot, but as a Hybrid, you are somewhat split.  I agree that Sorcerer is the way to go, because they have that 4% from Expert mage to Physical, And Shock damage.  However, you can't really take advantage of Ancient Knowledge if you're spamming Flurry, and Blood Craze (Neither of which is AoE)

    And finally, for Bosses, I'd switch to an Inferno Staff, for bonus Single Target damage, and also afterburn.  I love Flame Clench for Single Target (Like a Boss) even if they're immune to the Knockback (Like a Boss) the afterburn turns it into a DoT.  For example, there's lots of examples, but again I don't do a Best in Slot build, figure out the most efficient rotation, and just stick with it.  You suggest changing it up situationally, and so will I.  Switching to Focused Single target Damage, when there's a big tough Single target (Like a Boss) tends to focus your damage, on that Boss, instead of spreading it out over an area, and possibly hitting Adds.  (If there's any adds.)  

    Everything above is likely Opinion, and/or subject to change. 


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