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The Elder Scrolls Fine Points : Mammoths Of Tamriel (New Lor

What is going on everyone Avi Optimal here you may remember me as a former host of the Tales Of Tamriel Podcast and member of the Dungeon Crawler Network. Well now i'm on my own channel and I would love for you guys to come stop by and check it out!

Check The Channel Out Here!!  www.youtube.com/avioptimal


The Elder Scrolls Fine Points is a new series I started where we will be going over facts, lore, trivia, and easter eggs of a specific topic based in The Elder Scrolls Universe. The first video is based on the Mammoths of Tamriel and I hope you enjoy the Video!!

Link To Video!!   The Elder Scrolls Fine Points : Mammoths Of Tamriel

I will be around more on Tamriel Foundry and hope to interact with you all in the future!

P.S Ignore the Pokemon Videos on my channel (Unless you like Pokemon then check them out lol) they are before I switched over my channel to being a full Bethesda/Elder Scrolls based channel and Just don't have it in me to delete them all.

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