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The Dailies of ESO

dailies-chefdonolon2Chef Donolon will be making his return starting April 4th for ESO’s Three-Year Anniversary Event. The event will run through April 18, 2017 at 10:00 AM EDT. You will receive a new memento from Chef Donolon - a double layer cake! Eating the cake will grant you a 100% XP boost for two hours, but this year’s event comes with another twist. Rewards for completing dailies found throughout the world. Upon completing any daily in the game, in addition to the daily’s usual rewards, you will also receive an Anniversary Jubilee Gift Box. Each box contains a smattering of items ranging from motifs (akaviri, minotaur, dwemer etc.), gold tempers, furniture materials, small trophies and more.

Located next to Chef Donolon is the Adventurer’s Almanac. A book briefly describing where dailies are located and what you can expect to do. This book however is quite vague and if you aren’t used to completing dailies in ESO, finding and completing those dailies can be quite frustrating. Let’s take a closer look at the book now and fill in the details for what it reveals.


Table of Contents

*Includes unlimited repeatables




Adventurer’s Almanac, 1st Edition

By Skordo the Knife

If you’re like me - or you want to be like me, which is understandable - you’ve got talents people want. More importantly, talents people will pay for. Demand for people like us is high these days, so I took the trouble of writing down my best leads. Why? I couldn’t take all these jobs if I wanted to, and selling these books is a nice little score on the side. If you stole this book, go and pay for it. Unless it’s in a lending library, then steal it and we’ll call it square. Moochers.

They don’t call me “the Knife” on account of my forge work, but when I’m in town between jobs it pays to check the notice boards. Grab a writ, hammer on some things, get paid, and find the tavern. Easy money.

Crafting writs are repeatable quests available to certified crafters. There are two writ boards located inside the major city for each zone. Writs can also be picked up in alliance neutral zones such as Craglorn and Wrothgar. One writ board will provide writs for blacksmithing, woodworking and clothing. The other will provide writs for alchemy, enchanting and provisioning. Craft or create the item(s) requested and turn in the writ to the designated location.

Type: Repeatable Daily





FIGHTERS GUILD - Upto 19 Dailies (14 must be shared)

Easiest route to steady work? Join a guild. It’s what they’re there for. That might seem obvious and stupid to put in my book. Almanacs cover everything, stupid.

If you like solving problems with violence, legally, the Fighters Guild has you covered, plus they’ve got guild halls all over Tamriel.

If you are a member of the Fighters Guild, you can visit Cardea Gallus in the Fighters Guild hall in each alliance capital - Elden Root, Wayrest or Mournhold. It seems like the Worm Cult is aggressively opening dolmens across Tamriel. You will receive a quest to close three dolmens in one of the fifteen original zones that contain the dolmens. When complete, return to Cardea for your reward. Cardea, not wishing to overburden you, will only give you one such task each day. However, there is nothing stopping you from assisting a friend with his task should they wish to SHARE their glory with you.

Type: Repeatable Daily

Did you know you can become an official bounty hunter for the Fighters Guild? All you have to do is sign up for the job - purchase the passive. Once you’re approved, you will find guild member Arkas in your alliance Border Keep - Southern Morrowind Gate for EP, Northern Highrock Gat for DC, and the Western Elsweyr Gate for AD. He will task you will killing 10 Black Daggers, Goblins, Gray Vipers, or Shadowed Path scattered across various location in Cyrodiil. He will give you up to four such missions targeting a different random faction each time. Your alliance has its hands full enough without being targeted by yet another enemy.

Type: Repeatable Daily


DARK BROTHERHOOD - 1 Daily and Unlimited Repeatables

I don’t endorse the illegal sort of killing, but I hear the Dark Brotherhood accepts all kinds of murder contracts for hire.

 If you are a member of the Dark Brotherhood, you can visit Elam Drals in the Dark Brotherhood Santuary and check his Marked for Death ledger for contracts. There is a surprising amount of diversity in the targets. You will either receive the name of a specific target at a specific location in one of the original 15 zones or will be asked to send a bigger message by going on a killing spree and killing 3 targets in a general area. The Dark Brotherhood must have quite the backlog of contracts as you can complete as many of these contracts as you have time.

Type: Repeatable Immediately

If you’re looking for more of a challenge, rumor has it that Speaker Terenus in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary has a Black Sacrament that needs completing. These missions will take you to one of three instanced areas in Tamriel - a smuggler's den, a sewer tenement and a trader’s cove. These are more difficult as you are tasked with not alerting the inhabitants to your presence, escaping before the overseer arrives, killing the subject of the Black Sacrament, and killing another person or destroying a valuable object. Complete all your goals and the Brotherhood will reward you justly.

Type: Repeatable Daily


THIEVES GUILD - Upto 5 Dailies (4 must be shared) and Unlimited Repeatables

Maybe blood isn’t your thing, but riches definitely are. I could say, hypothetically, there might be a sort of Thieves Guild that organizes that sort of sneaky business. Again, almanac, just being thorough.

 Rumor has it the Thieves Guild is headquartered in Abah’s Landing. If you can find your way into their den and find favor with them, they have a few jobs that need accomplishing. There is a tip board inside the den where you can find guild jobs ranging from picking specific pockets across Tamriel, robbing safe boxes, and laundering specific goods for a Covetous Countess. This appears to be a particularly lawless time as by the time you complete your task another task appears on the board.

Type: Repeatable Immediately

If you talk to Fa’ren-dar in the Thieves Den, he often receives special thieving requests he calls heists. They occur in one of five areas - Deadhollow Halls, Glittering Grotto, The Hideaway, Secluded Sewers and the Underground Sepulcher. These can be difficult to complete at the highest level and you can invite your favorite players to help you complete the task but be warned they may make your task more difficult if their thieving skills aren’t up to par. Fa’ren-dar will only task you with one such task each day, but perhaps he has given your allies a different contract they may be willing to SHARE with you? You will not be able to enter the same heist area in the same day. We must keep that face a secret from the masses.

Type: Repeatable Daily


MAGES GUILD - Upto 15 Dailies (14 must be shared)

The Mages Guild may seem exclusive, but they got needs too, so pay them a visit even if sorcery isn’t your thing. They’ve got locations in most cities.

 Are you already helping Tamriel’s greatest manipulators of magicka? Well then, head to the Mages Guild in any alliance capital city and speak with Alvur Baren. It seems Sheogorath has cursed some daedric relics and has scattered them across Tamriel. You will be tasked with recovering one of these relics from Public Dungeons across the original 15 alliance zones. Return to Alvur when you retrieve the artifact for your reward. Alvur will only task you once a day, but there is nothing stopping your friends from SHARING glory with you.

Type: Repeatable Daily



UNDAUNTED - Upto 21 Dailies (14 must be shared)

Now if you are looking for a big score and maybe don’t got a lot of sense, go get in the good graces of the Undaunted. They’ve got enclaves in the major capitals and treasure piled higher than Red Mountain that they’re just itching to give away - provided you’re crazy enough to do what they ask to earn it.

 Only the bravest, or craziest, will want to tackle what the Undaunted will throw at you. They have enclaves located outside each alliance capital city. They have so many tasks across Tamriel that you can visit four different members of the guild to receive your missions. Maj al-Ragath, Glirion the Redbeard and Urgarlag Chief-bane all have pledges designed to test even the best group of four. While if you’d like to pretend you are good enough to be in the Undaunted’s presence, you can go see Bolgrul who will send milk drinkers such as yourself on a mission located in delves across Tamriel.

Each day Maj, Glirion, and Urgarlag will task you with clearing out a group dungeon that has been overrun. Each character is responsible for a specific set of dungeons. Read the “Pledge Duties” notice located near the Tome of the Undaunted to find out the specifics for each quest giver. Depending on the challenge you are looking for, each dungeon can be run in one of three difficulties - Normal, Veteran and Hard Mode. Normal and Veteran reward one Undaunted chest key and Hard Mode will reward two chest keys. The chests are where you get the shoulders for the 2-piece Undaunted sets. If it’s the head piece you are after, you’ll need to run the dungeon in Veteran or Hard Mode. The final boss doesn’t give up its head to snowberries running in Normal mode.

Type: Repeatable Daily

As mentioned, if running in groups isn’t your thing, you can pretend to be among the Undaunted’s toughest by seeing Bolgrul who will task you with killing the “toughest” baddie you can find in a particular delve located in one of the original alliance zones. He’ll probably task you with some other trivial task while you’re in the delve so you think yourself important. Return to Bolgrul for your paltry reward. He doesn’t want to see you get hurt, so he will only task you once a day. Your friends, should you have any, can SHARE their task with you, but you can only clear out each delve once per day.

Type: Repeatable Daily


A four person challenge not enough for you? Well grab 11 of your best compadres and make your way to the Inn in Belkarth or to the docks in Abah’s Landing for a real challenge. In Abah’s Landing you will find Bakum on the waterfront in need of assistance at the Maw of Lorkhaj. He will take you there where Adara’hai will explain the task at hand. At the inn in Belkarth you will find three undaunted in need of help. Atilidel needs help in Sanctum Ophidia. Kailstig the Axe needs help in Hel Ra Citadel. Mighty the Morda needs help in the Aetherian Archive. As with 4-player dungeons, you can complete trials in either normal, veteran or hard mode with varying levels of reward.

Type: Repeatable Immediately but rewards are weekly




The Three Armies never stop fighting. Throw your lot in the an alliance, get to Cyrodiil and the Imperial City, and reap the spoils. Plenty to go around. For the victors.


THE THREE-BANNERED WAR - 5 Dailies and 4 Unlimited Repeatables

dailies-cyrodiilsiege2There is an endless supply of tasks and missions to be completed if your side is to win the three-bannered war. Depending on your faction of choice, you will find a group of four mission boards in one of your Cyrodiil gate areas. Specifically in the Northern Morrowind Gate for the Ebonheart Pact, the Southern High Rock Gate for the Daggerfall Covenant, or the Eastern Elsweyr Gate for the Aldmeri Dominion. There are four type of missions to be accepted from these boards.

Bounty missions ask you to thin the opposing ranks a little by killing a certain number of enemy combatants. You may be asked to kill a specific class type or simply be asked to let your blade slip into the gut of the enemy of your choosing. Either way, less enemies should make your commander’s job easier. If you find yourself inside the imperial sewers, you will also be able to pick up this bounty mission from your alliance sewer safe zone.

Type: Kill 20 Enemy Dragonknights, Nightblades, Sorcerers, Templars, and Players each Repeatable Daily

Scouting missions will ask you to visit any capturable war objective in Cyrodiil that your alliance does not currently control. Simply get close enough to report on troop movements for the keep, castle, fort, farm, lumbermill or mine. Reporting back will surely help the war effort.

Battle missions will task you with capturing a specific keep resource. That is to say a farm, lumbermill or mine. Doing so will weaken the fort in the area making it easier to capture for your side.

Warfront missions step your mission goals up quite a bit and ask you to capture a keep, castle or fort your side does not control. This is no small feat and you will surely need a group to properly breach the walls and kill all enemy combatants inside. Doing so will allow for better troop movement for your alliance. If you are able to surround the Imperial City, you will even get to depose the current emperor and crown your own.


Elder Scrolls missions are of such importance and complexity they can only be given out by the commanding officer for your side. You can find your commander located in close proximity to the mission boards. Grand Warlord Zimmeron for EP, Grand Warlord Dortene for DC, and Grand Warlord Sorcalin for AD will gladly give you these missions if you are truly worthy. An Elder Scrolls mission tasks you with bringing the named scroll under your alliance control. As scrolls are normally kept deep within enemy territory, this will be a monumental task. But the magic contained within the scrolls themselves will provide your side with much needed benefits and boons that may just turn the tide of war once and for all.

Type: Scouting, Battle, Warfront, and Elder Scrolls Missions are repeatable Immediately



And don’t forget folks in those war torn regions need more help than anybody. Whether you want to charge them is your business, but there are always towns out there in need of some help.

If hand-to-hand combat with enemy players isn’t your thing, there are plenty of citizens across Cyrodiil that need your help. Despite the war raging around them, there are five bastions of relative civilization remaining in Cyrodiil. They are the towns of Bruma, Cheydinhal, Chorrol, Cropsford, and Vlastarus. It seems the citizens of these towns have need of your services daily. Each town has a surprisingly consistent number of tasks that only someone of your caliber can get done. The towns of Cropsford and Vlastarus have nine things needing to be accomplished while all other three towns have ten. That’s a lot of things to do.

Type: Repeatable Daily




The Imperial city seems to be well under Molag Bal’s control. If you can get out of the sewers and into the districts above, each district has issues which need to be dealt with. The citizens within the districts won’t entrust you with these tasks until you have helped the Drake of Blades with all of her tasks.
  • The Elven’s District needs help slowing down the siege bombardment of the Imperial City.
  • The Arboretum needs help in preserving important documents from the fires that rage throughout the district.
  • The Arena District needs help freeing enslaved citizens before they are smuggled out of the city.
  • The Temple District needs assistance in preserving the Temple’s treasures which are being destroyed by the daedra.
  • The Memorial District wants you to help spy on the Worm Cultists in the district to find out exactly what they are up to.
  • The Nobles District needs help collecting daedra parts to sell to alchemists and traders. These valuable pieces may just turn this silly war.

Type: All Imperial City District missions are repeatable daily





Some places just have more need for people like us than others. I don’t just visit Wrothgar because it reminds me of home. Orsinium’s got a big demand for tough types to go out and pacify the wilderness, and while I can’t say it’s conventionally profitable, Craglorn is such a crazy place that half the time the stars are falling and the other it’s raining treasure.


WROTHGAR - Upto 7 Dailies (5 must be shared)

dailies-orsiniumbannerWrothgar can be a dangerous place and some citizens have been tasked by the king himself to help rid the area of regular occurring nuisances. You should go to Skalar’s Hostel, just outside Orsinium, and talk to Arzorag if fighting the toughest monsters in Wrothgar is your thing. She will send you to one of six locations scattered throughout Wrothgar to defeat the beast at the location. You will most likely need help for such a battle. Arzorag will only task you once per day, but your friends may SHARE what they have been tasked with doing allowing you to eradicate all six of the problem areas in Wrothgar daily.

Type: Repeatable Daily

If diving into ruins and caves is more your thing, you can see Guruzug in Morkul Stronghold. He is the intermediary for people in the region searching for enterprising adventurers looking for glory or coin. He will direct you to one of six people needing your help. This will take you into a delve to complete a task and undoubtedly get some blood on your blade in the process. Return to the tasker for your reward. These jobs are in such rarity that Guruzug will only reveal one of his sources per day and other players seem unwilling to let you in on their task.

Type: Repeatable Daily



Skordo is correct. Craglorn is anything but conventional. Besides locals arbitrarily referring to the region as Lower Craglorn and Upper Craglorn, a large portion of the province should never be traversed alone. Maybe you’re brave enough, but most will surely need to bring along some friends. Finding people in need of daily help is no small task in and of itself. There are seven pressing issues each in Upper and Lower Craglorn.



  • Spellscar seems forever unstable and inhabitants are constantly trying to stabilize the giant obelisk’s core.
  • Shada’s Tear contains many secrets within its cursed waters. Some researchers need your help inside the ruins.
  • Within the burial grounds of Shada’s Tear the undead are stirring. Can you help place their souls to rest?
  • In the city wing of Shada’s Tear, a researcher’s friend is in need of help. Try to save her.
  • The Seeker’s Archive contains much information. Perhaps something inside could help defeat the Celestials.
  • Elinhir has been ransacked by mad mages. Help the city’s inhabitants.
  • The Sword-Disciples at Rahni’Za, School of Warriors, have been turned into thralls by a traitor. Find and defeat this traitor.


  • dailies-dragonstarThe scaled court has taken over Skyreach Hold in its ongoing mission to acquire more nirncrux. Defeat the leader.
  • On the second floor balcony of the Dragonstar Inn, there is a book talking about a pilgrimage called “The Gray Passage”. Sounds like an adventure.
  • Near the Valley of Scars entrance, Lashburr Tooth-Breaker has plans for how you might be able to breakup the Iron Orc and Scaled Court alliance.
  • It seems as though Iron Orcs have also started ransacking caravans near the Valley of Scars entrance. Talk to Scattered-Leaves to see if you can help.
  • Trouble is stirring in Skyreach Catacombs and a devout Knights of The Divines thinks he knows how to stop it.
  • On the second floor of the Dragonstar Inn, a priest of Satakal is looking for revenge on three deserters of the faith who are now worshipping the Celestial Serpent.
  • Outside of Skyreach Pinnacle, a member of the Scaled Court is looking for help in reestablishing broken wards that released creatures the Nedes had contained centuries earlier.

Type: All Craglorn dailies are repeatable daily


GOLD COAST - Up to 4 Dailies (2 must be shared)

Don’t forget to check the boards on the way out of town too, at least on the Gold Coast and in Hew’s Bane. Bounties and all sorts of other odd jobs find their way onto the boards from folks who aren’t picky about who solves their problems.

The Dragonstar Caravan Company acts as an intermediary for the citizens in the Gold Coast who are in need of help. Their bounty board in Anvil contains tasks from citizens who don’t have the metal to head into the delves of the Gold Coast on their own. Someone of your calibre will be able to handle these tasks on your own. While the board in Kvatch will require a group and asks you to help out in the Arena or the excavation site near Tribune’s Folly. Return to the citizen who originated the request for your reward. You can only grab one bounty per board per day, but others may SHARE their glory if they wish.

Type: Repeatable Daily



HEW’S BANE - Up to 4 Dailies (3 must be shared)

dailies-abahslandingJust outside the Thieves Den in Abah’s Landing is a bounty board run by Spencer Rye. Grabbing a bounty from the board will employ you with one of four tasks. Two will take you into the delves of Hew’s Bane to retrieve a lost item and the other two will ask you to slay one of the two baddest overland bosses in the area. Return to Spencer when you are done for your reward. He will only give you one bounty a day, but if others are feeling generous they may choose to SHARE their mission with you.

Type: Repeatable Daily



The Last Word

There you go. All the ways I know how to keep busy in this business. I’m not saying you’ve got to do all this stuff every day, but you could if you wanted to. And don’t value sleep. Don’t go thinking you can buy this copy and be done with it. Times change and when they do, Skordo the Knife’s going to write it down. Save up.

Tips welcome.


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    Just to note that based on a comment by Gina on the forums, it’s only the dailies that count for the Anniversary Box, not the indefinitely-repeatable quests.

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