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The Attraction of Chocolate-Panerai PAM00386 replica rolex

Panerai Pam 00386 is an automatic watch. Due to its simplicity and casual appearance, it is well suited for both men and women, so you will see quite a lot of women have it, but this PAM00386, with its 44 mm of diameter of the case, is more for men. What's more, the case is made of compound material developed by Panerai, plus the sapphire mirror, the whole watch radiates a gentle, warm, simple and unaffected quality.  

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The case inherits the square-outside-and-round-inside design, plus that warm chocolate color that neither make you feel bright nor feel dull as black. Anyway, a perfect color matching the watch. PAM 00386 does not has an outstanding performance, but such a drawback can be offset by its own noble class. To match such a simplicity style, no much complication are realized in PAM 00386. A date display can be seen through the aperture at 3 o'clock. Time is displayed through the central hour hand dial, minute hand dial and second hand dial. Such a design can better reduce the wastage of energy during the driving motion. What's more, the small second dial corresponds to the date display. The whole layout gives us symmetric feeling. Although PAM 00386 is not a diver watch, it can reach 300 meters' depth in terms of its water resistance which is equally well to the professional diver watch. Beside, founding as a watch-maker that produce watches for Italy navy, its water-resistance is beyond doubt.  

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The oscillating frequency is 28800 times, which divides one second into four parts. Whatever happen that may influence the working of movement, only 1/4 second can be influence. This clever frequency can better improve the stability of the watch. What's more, 28 diamonds are set in the axil to make the watch run smoothly and make movement being neat and attractive. 

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