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Talking about Healer monster sets ( summer set )

Hi folks ! 

The day has come! monster sets are here and the fun begins!!!! 

now the hard part ... which to go for . I'd like to know what everyone thinks .

So far i've heard ...

Earthgore (Blood root forge ) - 

(1 items) Adds 2% Healing Done(2 items) When you heal a friendly target that is under 50% Health you conjure a pool of quenching blood underneath them, which soaks up enemy placed effects instantly and heals all friendly targets in the area for 30000 Health over 3 seconds. This effect can occur once every 35 seconds. 

Nightflame ( Elden Hollow 2) - 

(1 items) Adds 1096 Max Magicka

(2 items) When you heal a friendly target, you have a 5% chance to summon a totem for 6 seconds that heals you and your allies in area for 3483 Health every 1 second. This effect can occur once every 6 seconds.

These are the two i've been told by other people ....

And then other healer sets are...

Troll king ( Blessed Crucible ) -

(1 items) Adds 2% Healing Done

(2 items) When you heal a friendly target, if they are still below 60% Health, their Health Recovery is increased by 1548 for 10 seconds.

Sentinal of Rkugraz - (Darkshade Caverns 1)

(1 items) Adds 2% Healing Done

(2 items) When you heal a friendly target, you have a 10% chance to summon a dwemer spider that heals for 1049 Health and restores 524 Stamina to you and your allies within 5 meters every 1 second for 8 seconds. This effect can occur once every 15 seconds.

Choke Thorn (Elden Hollow 1) -

(1 items) Adds 129 Magica Recovery

(2 items) When you use a heal ability, you have a 15% chance to summon a strangler sapling that heals you or an ally for 19565 Health over 4 seconds. This effect can occur once every 10 seconds.

and then there's the 50% picks ( these might work !?!?!) 

Engine guardian ( Darkscale caverns 2 ) - 

(1 items) Adds 129 Health Recovery

(2 items) When you use an ability, you have a 10% chance to summon a dwemer automation to restore 1162 Health, Stamina, or Magicka every 0.5 seconds for 6.5 seconds.

Domihouse -( Faulkrath hold ) - 

(1 items) Adds 1096 Max Stamina(1 items) Adds 1096 Max Magica(2 items) When you deal damage, you have a 15% chance to create either a ring of fire or a ring of molten earth around you for 10 seconds, which deals 1000 Flame Damage or 1000 Physical Damage every 1 second. Standing within the ring grants you 200 Spell Damage or 200 Weapon Damage. This effect can occur once every 15 seconds. 

Morag kena (White gold tower )  - 

(1 items) Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage

(2 items) When you deal damage with 2 consecutive Light Attacks you trigger Overkill for 6 seconds, which increases your Weapon and Spell Damage by 516 but also increases the cost of your abilities by 20%.

Ok now to have a look

I read in "healsthefeels" snakeplar healing guide something good .( a good guide by theway )

That healers had enough healing , and one of our main jobs is keeping buffs going ( blazing spears , combat pray and other things ) 

soooo , I don't like monster sets with just healings , but i'll start there

and i'll round it up to 100% uptime , for 1minute ,

 so earthgore is 30000 hp for 3s , with 35s cooldown , that that = 60000 hp over 6s per 1minute ( roughly) ( and it's a AOE , so x1/4/12)

so with earthgore your looking at 30000 per 35s , or 60000 per 60s , with a aoe ( i'm not sure how big the range is ) and it removes a debuff , which is nice .

It also procs 100% of the time when off cooldown ( no 5/10/50% chance to proc ) 

and procs when people are below 50% ,  so its always helps ( some of the time ) 

problems - if you hit 1 person in a raid who is below 50% and everyone else is 100% , it isnt great .

it could be strong , its hits often ( 100% chance ) and heals a lot , and the -debuff is very nice 

Second monster set!


5% chance to heal 3.5k per second for 6seconds with a 6secondcooldown 

so , i'm  havent tested this yet , so i'm not sure if the cooldown starts when the set procs , or when the proc ends 

if its when the set procs ( with a ideal world ) your looking at 3.5k x 6 =21k per 6 seconds , or 210k per 60seconds 

if the cooldown starts when the proc ends your looking at the 6second heal , + the 6 secondcooldown for 105khp per 60seconds

again i'm not sure about the range of this 

i've said  about a " ideal world " and thats with the 5% proc chance , in a trial with healing springs hitting 6/12 and orb doing the same , your looking at 5% chance x 6/12 ( 30%/60% ) chance to proc per second , so its going to proc everyone 2-3 seconds when its off cooldown 

problems -it will proc when people are on 99% hp , so it wont heal much 

and it has a low proc rate 

BUT it looks to be the biggest heal per second .

And then its Troll king! 

if you heal someone and they are still below 50% then their health regen is increase by 1.5k per 2second or 750 per second , or roughly 42k per 60seconds 

This buff refreshes every time a heal hits under 50%  so you get lucky 

problems - this is a smaller heal than the other 2 healing helms , and has no anti- debuff like earthgore 


 its got no cooldown , and is 100% proc rate , using healing springs this is going to proc as soon as someonhits below 50% for a 7.5k heal

finally chokethorn

for a 15% chance to heal 20k over 4seconds with a 10secondcooldown ( Single target ) 

foor roughly 120k if the cooldown starts when it procs or 80k if it starts when it ends 

its a nice heal , but its single target , and might not hit the tank .

Ok! with the pure healing sets , i like the sets that procs on 50% hp , because they are always going to hit . I dont want my proc going off and it not doing anything because everyones at 100% 

we've got earthgore which is on a high cooldown , heals a good amount in a AOE in a short time and has a great bonus 

nightflame which heals a lot on a short cooldown  and is AOE 

Troll king which can be up 100% of the time for a small heal  and is AOE

and chokethorn which is a good heal , but is single target and could hit the wrong things .

Then we move on the the " REGEN SETS " , if we have enough healing with healing springs , that a extra heal is wasted , we might as well trade that for some REGEN 

so we're looking at 

Sentinal of Rhkgruz

and Engine guardian 

I've tried engine guardian  , and it procs a lot . I couldnt get it to proc buffs at once , but was up about 30s out of 60 

Which would be great , if it didnt regen a random hp/mp/stamina 

still , its better than nothing

AND ! 1k mana or stamina per 0.5s for 6.5s ( 13 procs ) 13k mana or stamina without a cooldown is insane! possibly about 110k mana/stamina per 60s  , 

I need to teast if this procs on more than one person at a time  

I think Sential of rhakgruz could be the best of all ..

1k heal per second ofr 8seconds , with 15s cooldown  with 500 stamina a second 

so thats 32k heal if the cooldown starts when the proc starts of  about 20k if the cooldown starts when it ends 

which is quite a bit less than the 60k of earthgore or 105k ( ish ) from nightlame . 

PROBLEM - if it always procs on you , you need to stand on the melee to give the stamina to people 

The main reason is for the stamina , the stamina helps even when everyone is at 100% hp 

everyone loves stamina and 500 stamina a second or either 16k or 10k stamina every 60s is great , in an aoe too 

finally we have the strange picks , domihouse and  morag kena ,

both do +spell power 

domihouse could be 200spellwpoer for 10seconds with a 15s cooldown , so thats 4procs aminute if the cooldwon startsd at proc or about 2 if it starts at the end of the proc 

and then morag kena which is 500spell power from 2 light attacks , which if easy enough , i checked the bonuis tohugh and 500SP adds about 200-300 hp per second to healing springs , so its not that great

You could also go for a defencive monster set , which do look good , but have a low proc rate ( 6% for most ) , and except for end of fight damage this might not proc . and compared to 60k hp heals they are a bit week

I'd love to hear which helms everyone is using and why .

I think i'm going to go for sentinal of rhukgraz , the heal+ stamina will be great since healing springs will be healing everyone 

I like the idea of earthgore , but I dont think there is enough " Monster placed effects " and 35s cooldown is too long .

I'm thinking in Sanctum Osidan , the thunder spears ... will one proc get rid of 5 spears ? or just one . Could it get rid of popcorn on the chimera boss , or would it juist be one of the 3 popcorns ? and with a 35s cooldown its a low chance of hitting when you need it .

at the same time , with it only procing below 50% hp , the chance of it dispelling anegitive effect are high , because the biggest damage is on floor effects , like fire or posion zones 

I hope everyones enjoying the new patch 

good luck and have fun !

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