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DK End-Game Main Tanking Guide and Build for HotR

Hey everyone ! Welcome to my DK Main Tanking Build for Update 15 , Horns of the Reach ! This is a build that you can use everywhere . I completed every single content in this game with this setup and pretty happy with it :) It has crazy sustain if you want it to , pretty good tankiness and lots of group support . Let's start !


Build Editor Link

Advantages :

- Lots of Health .

- A lot of sustain but only if you want to .

- Being able to spam anything . We have unlimited Magicka and Stamina .

- A lot of DPS boosting skills .


Disadvantages :

- No heals for group . Due to low Stamina pool and low Weapon Damage , our Vigor is almost useless .

- Healer dependant . A lot . If your healer is down , you gonna have a bad time . This is why we are running as DK .



I am Dunmer and happy . BUT , Imperial is simply the best for Max Stats . Argonian is best for sustain . Max Health is really important for this build . I don't race change because I like Dunmers ^^

Secondary choices are Orc and Nord .


All to Health .

I have around 48.3k Health , 15.4k Magicka and 14.7k Stamina . Should be higher if Imperial .



5 Ebon Armory : This set is really , really useful . I have seen so many people recovering from under 1000 Health during trials . Without Ebon , they would die . A necessity .

Hands (Heavy/Sturdy) : Health

Waist (Heavy/Sturdy) : Health

Jewelry x3 (Healthy) : Shield-Play


5 Torug's Pact : This set is very reliable and easy compared to Alkosh . Sadly , synergies are not very good so I run with Torug's .

Chest (Heavy/Sturdy) : Health

Legs (Heavy/Sturdy) : Health

Feet (Heavy/Sturdy) : Health

1h/s on front bar (Infused/Sturdy) : Crusher/Health

Lightning Staff back bar (Charged) : Shock Damage


2 Blood Spawn/Lord Warden : Only set that increases group DPS . More Warhorns = more group DPS . Simple as that . Lord Warden if there is high incoming damage to the group .

Head (Heavy/Sturdy) : Health

Shoulder (Heavy/Sturdy) : Health




1.Bar :

1- Pierce Armor : Melee taunt . Applies Major Fracture and Major Breach . Necessity .

2- Heroic Slash : Applies Minor Maim . Gives Minor Heroism . Less damage taken for group and more Ultimate for you .

3- Igneous Shield : Gives nearly 10k shield to allies . Spam this during heavy incoming damage to group . 1st boss vMoL shield phase , Warrior Starfall attack etc. Restores 5% stamina back and gives 3 Ultimate every 6 seconds .

4- Balance : This is where it gets interesting . This skill is considered the most useless by almost everyone . Definitely not . It steals your Health and gives you Magicka . This is how we are able to sustain through everything and spam whatever we want , however we want . Also , this is our resource of Major Ward and Major Resolve .

5- Green Dragon Blood : Increases our Healing Taken by 20% thanks to Minor Vitality and Burning Heart passives and a huge burst heal .

Ultimate- Aggressive Horn : Best Ultimate for tanks and healers . Gives 10% Max Magicka , Max Health and Max Stamina to whole group . More shield size and damage for your Magicka DDs and more pool to block , dodge for Magicka DDs , more damage for Stamina DDs . Even after Major Force nerf , this Ultimate is still the best .


2.Bar :

1- Flex Spot

2- Flex Spot

3- Engulfing Flames : Since Magicka DKs are non-existant in end-game raiding , we need to make sure Engulfing Flames debuff is there .

4- Inner Rage : Ranged taunt . You don't even have to morph this but if you do , choose the Magicka one .

5- Blockade of Storms : Necessary for proccing both Shock enchant and Crusher . When you use Blockade , you will proc Concussion with 88% chance and when you switch to front bar , your Crusher will proc from it . Need to keep it up as much as we can .

Ultimate- Magma Shell : Saves your ass during emergencies .


Flex Spot skills : You just choose according to the fight .

1- Unrelenting Grip : Good old chains . Use wherever it is necessary .

2- Choking Talons : AOE Minor Maim and root . Has some use in trials and pledges .

3- Dragon Fire Scale : Has only one use . Ghost boss in AA . You don't even have to block there . You can just reflect everything with this . Does around 10k DPS ^^

4- Ring of Preservation : 20 seconds of AOE Minor Protection and 20% roll dodge cost reduction .

5- Energy Orb : Really useful skill for Magicka sustain of DDs .

6- Bone Surge : Your off-tank can use the synergy to proc Alkosh while giving lots of shield to your allies .

7- Sanguine Altar : 46 seconds of 750 Healing per second to every DD .

8- Retreating Maneuver : Speed Buff . Necessary in speed runs and certain situations .

9- Echoing Vigor : Even though our Vigor is almost useless , I will definitely try this with using Powerful Assault instead of Alkosh .

10- Efficient Purge : Purges the negative effects from your allies .

11- Stalwart Guard : Make sure you keep this on both bars if you gonna use it . Increases damage of an ally by giving them Minor Force and protects them .



66 Ironclad , 49 Elemental Defender , 49 Hardy , 56 Thick Skinned


13 Warlord , 75 Tenacity , 51 Tumbling , 81 Shadow Ward .


56 Elemental Expert , 44 Spell Erosion , 31 Thaumaturge , 31 Precise Strikes , 26 Piercing , 32 Mighty . Since we have almost no healing , I decided to get Major Heroism . It procs time to time .

That is all for now . I will update this guide according to the changes incoming . If you have any questions , you can mail me in-game @LiofaTR (PC EU) or just leave a comment here . Thanks for reading !

Cheers ,


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