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"Atmogs" PVE Damage Tank (Dragon Bones)

The biggest turnoff you can have as a Tank is a group with bad DPS. It can drive you to insanity.

After lots of testing, I finally created a build that it's good enough for tanking (28.5k HP + armor cap) without sustain problems (Repentance + 1600 Stamina Recovery) while also doing a decent amount of damage (15-20k DPS self buffed)

This build is meant to be used in every dungeon except DLC Veteran Dungeons

This build can also be used for solo content (ex. soloing world bosses). I also tried vMA, but it was a very slow run compared to Pure-DPS, so I don't suggest to use it


Restoring Focus + Ravager + Biting Jabs were active


Redguard or Orc


CP150 Max Health, MaxStamina


The Warrior (Weapon Damage)


Medium Armor Tank is perfect in this case for the additional damage and sustain

We need higher armor than the typical tank because we don't block (unless required) and we don't use Bloodspawn

Thanks to 6/1 Medium Fortified Brass we can reach 31k+ defenses using only Restoring Focus



  1. Restoring Focus (main defense buff)
  2. Pierce Armor (taunt)
  3. Power of the light (main debuff)
  4. Biting jabs (spammable + Ravager proc)
  5. Repentance (main source of health and stamina recovery)
  6. Flawless Dawnbreaker


  1. Flex Spot (Elude, Purge, etc)
  2. Endless Hail (main source of damage)
  3. Poison Injection (semi-execute)
  4. Razor Caltrops (AoE CC)
  5. Resolving Vigor (heal)
  6. Crescent Sweep (for the +10% critical damage) or Ballista (higher single target damage)


Endless Hail -> LA -> Poison Injection -> LA -> Razor Caltrops -> Bar Swap

Power of the light -> LA -> Biting jabs+LA until you have to reapply Endless Hail again

Keep Restoring Focus / Taunt / Elude always up

Champion Points

I use the same champion points I use as DPS:

  • The Lord: 11 Recovery
  • The Lady: 49 Hardy | 49 Elemental Defender | 48 Thick Skinned
  • The Steed: 66 Ironclad | 17 Spell Shield
  • The Ritual: 61 Thaumaturge | 61 Precise Strikes | 56 Mighty | 22 Piercing
  • The Atronach: 40 Master-at-Arms
  • The Shadow: 44 Tumbling | 31 Shadow Ward
  • The Lover: 75 Tenacity | 49 Mooncalf
  • The Tower: 6 Sprinter | 34 Warlord


UESP Build


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