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StamDK Heavy Armor 1HS+2H PvP [Dragonbones]

This build utilizes off-balance, heavy attacks and direct damage.

RaceOrc, Redguard, Nord, Imperial

Attributes64 Stamina

Armor : 5 Heavy + 2 Medium

Weapons : 1HS + 2H


Shattering Rocks, Heroic Slash, Green Dragon Blood, Resolving Vigor, Dragon Fire Scales, Spell Wall

Reverse Slice, Noxious Breath, Stampede, Volatile Armor, Forward Momentum, Take Flight


2 medium bloodspawn (impen+stamina)

5 heavy crest of cyrodiil/duroks bane (impen+stamina)

5 armor of truth rings+neck+1H+shield (robust+wd rings, healthy+wd neck, ninrohned/infused+wd 1H, impen+stamina shield)

1 armor of truth/asylum 2H (nirnhoned/infused+oblivion)

Consumable : Tristat food, Tristat potions

Mundus : Warrior


37 Ironclad, 48 resistant

43 hardy, 43 elemental defender, 37 thick skinned -> UNCHAINED

32 quick recovery

37 warlord, 11 bashing focus

32 tenacity

48 befoul, 56 shadow ward, 56 tumbling -> SHADOWSTRIKE

32 blessed

61 master-at-arms, 59 physical-weapon-expert -> TACTICIAN

43 mighty, 45 piercing -> EXPLOITER

How does this build work?

Shattering rocks has 50% chance to set targets off-balanced for 5 seconds with 6 seconds of cc immunity

Offbalanced target gives +70% heavy attack damage, +200% resource return, +10% damage from exploiter passive, +450 wd from armor of truth.

Your spammable is Heroic Slash. Use Heroic Slash -> Heavy Attack -> Heroic Slash -> Heavy Attack on off-balanced target.

You can dodge roll and put targets off-balanced via TACTICIAN passive as well.

Buffed weapon damage is 4200 without nirnhoned and 4500 with nirnhorned.

42% healing reduction on target via Major Defile + Befoul.

Vampires, reduce your stage to 1. You dont need vampirism here.

Final stats (Cyrodiil)

28k+ HP

32k+ Stam

14k+ Mag

4200+ wd

9k pen

1k stam recovery

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    Summerset will buff this build by ALOT.

    • Two Handed Weapons now count as two set pieces, thus making Staves and Two Handers worth two slots. This is an insane change and will impact balance and the possibilities of set combinations by a lot, especially for magicka setups as they are the most common users of two handed weapons.  Thanks to this, having Armor Of Truth 2H weap will allow you to proc it and off-balance enemy even on 2H bar while executing so more execute damage.
    • Light and Heavy Attacks now scale differently, they now scale about the same with Magicka/ Stamina as with Spell/ Weapon damage. Therefore, weaving will be even more important from now on as the overall damage of both Light and Heavy Attacks got increased by a lot. More damage to our heavy attacks.
    • Dropped jewelry needs to be re-traited in a Transmute station, to research the traits you need to own Summerset isles Chapter. We will able to re-trait all healthy jewels to Robust.
    • Combustion Passive Every time you apply burning/poison, you gain 500 magicka or stamina, this has a 5 seconds cooldown. More sustain.

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