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Stam warden poision build thoughts.


I'm planning on making a stam warden poision build with bow and DW. I would like some second oppinions on the gear i'm planning on use.

This is the gear I had in mind:

5 pieces of Viper (two of them is the DW swords or daggers)

5 pieces of Morag (including jewlery) ((Alternative sets: Widowmaker or Sheer venom?))

2 pieces of Spawn of Mephala, Head (light armor) and shoulder (heavy armor)

And Master bow or asylum bow.


What do you guys think of this? is it viable and do the sets complement eachother well or do you have some better suggestions?

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    in theory this can work on any stamtoon besides dk at best because of the poison class skills. well supteranian assault also deals poison dmg. that could be interesting

    /e after some theorycrafting this could go to a fun pvp build.

    2h/bow warden; 2h mainly for buffing/healing and bowbar with subteranian acid spray and snipe...

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    but if you go primarily bow as dmg you kinda lose the effects of the Viper set due to it only proccs with melee attacks. I was thinking DW for the bleed/heal as a extra chunk of dmg with all the poison plus the sustain. Warden have some great survivability, that's why i picked that class so I can survive while the poison does the dmg.


    Why do you reccomend 2h as support bar instead of DW?


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