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The Daedric Commander (Solo Pets)

Update:  I've been playing around with this quite a bit, and respecced it for basically the same concept, with some changes from Experience.  Mostly with the AI, I also changed some of the Morphs, the weapons, and sets to take advantage of how the Pets behave.  If the title didn't give it away, this is for playing when my irregular group can't play together, (Irregular schedules) so I have to go it alone, which is most of the time, because i'm the one with the most time on my hands.


This isn't the "Holy Trinity," but there's 3 units, Twilight matriarch (The Healer/Single target Damage) and Volatile Familiar (AoE Damage)  and you.

Crowd Control.

Also, Primary Damage, however this isn't a DPS build.  It's not going to work in a Trial, it's just something for me to do, while I wait for the group to log in for some Endgame content.  (PvE, PvP, crafting/trading, ow whatever.)  Also practice my CC, and get used to the Pet's AI, so when it is a 4 man (And 2 Pet) group, we can fight together more effectively.  


I'm still using a Lightning Staff of the Prisoner's rags, because I love the Sorcery of it.  Instead of channeling Dark Conversion, I can Sprint in between Streaks, and actually speed up, instead of slow down.  This also means i can use Dark Deal to turn that Magicka into Stamina.

Stygian Sword, and Shield.

I need need to go back, and farm a set of Shadow Dancers, but this is the latest 5 piece I've got, and I have to admit that getting a 205 bonus to Spells from Sneak is a lot of fun!  (Just need to work in that Night's Silence effect, without Night's Silence, but I'm bopping around the Rift, because I miss Skyrim.)


Shattering Prison, Daedric Prey, Endless Fury, Twilight Matriarch, Volatile Familiar, Absorption Field.

Streak, Lightning Flood, Weakness to Elements, Blockade of Storms, Matriarch, Charged Atronach  

Also kinda weening off of Energy Overload a bit, but I don't need the Magicka recovery.  At all, I've got that covered, and Stamina Recovery from the Prisoner's Set.  

Game Plan

This is for practice, and study of the AI.  So, I actually nerfed my DPS by going with a Lightning Staff, and so many Single target/Non Sorceries.  The Hammer and Shield side is All Sorceries (Expert Mage) but I get a Rebate back when I barswap, and dismiss Volatile Familiar.  That's admitting defeat, I can handle this (Fort Greenwald) myself, pretty much with Blockade of Liquid Lightning.  

I'm trying to handle it with Daedric Prey (Designates a target) Shattering Prison (Mass Root, with Heal) Mage's Fury (Execute, and Stealth Attack.  Seriously, the Execute times out before the Curse goes off, but the Pets usually trigger it before that.  Daedric prey just buffs their damage, and tells them who to focus down first.)  Of course, there's also Splash from both timed explosions going off.  I'd morph it to Mage's Wrath, but I haven't tried that yet.  I still need to be viable with my group when they log in, without having to stop by the respec shrine.  (Just swap out some weapons, and spells.)

Race:  Dunmer.  I'm also trying it on my Orc, and my Altmer but honestly, Dunmer get Max magicka, and Spell Damage.  The Stamina, and Weapon damage don't hurt, but that's the only race with Max Magicka, and Spell Damage.

Stand back and Watch.  .  .  


Okay, I made this Spec (On my solo Build) mostly to solo farm the Group Areas of Craglorn for trait drops.  Still researching up to the point that I can Craft at least 5 pieces of Twice Born Star, in Light Armor.  (If you put it on Weapons, and swap, you lose the second Mundus Boon.)  Also, for practice playing Support in Groups, so I can eventually go back to farming the new Dungeon, and Trails sets from the DLCs.  Solo, one of the advantages of a Sorcerer is you can have a Party (Tank, Healer, and DPS) dynamic with Pets.


That's in air quotes, because Unstable Clanfear is a mindless NPC.  He (I'm guessing) can't intelligently Pull, and taunt mobs, so you have to play with a mindless NPC, that's pretty Tanky.  However, he also has a Burst heal, which makes up for the slots you give up on both bars.  You can recast unstable Clanfear for an instant Heal, on both you and it.  This is part of what makes it so "Tanky," a built in Burst heal you can activate, when it tanks too much damage.


Again, Twilight Matriarch ("Twila for short.  Also, "She" and "Her" to differentiate from Summon Unstable Clanfear) also has a Shock Attack, and a Spin-to-Win style AoE.  They both do, but I'm going Lightning Staff here, because I'm a Sorcerer, and that's what I get Bonus Damage in.  Twila's zaps are Single target Shocks, too.  of course, her Special Ability also heals herself, and up to 2 more targets.  (That's me, and Him.)  So, we don't need another Healer.


I'm in quotes here, because my role in the Party isn't going to live up to that standards of a Meta DPS.  You're not going to have more than about 8K DPS, because you only have 3 slots on your main Bar.  The other 3 are Summon Pets, so I picked Lighting Flood for the Radius (To cover more of the Battlefield)  Boundless Storm for the Mobility (Short duration of Major Expedition helps, when you need it) Protection (Major Ward, and Resolve) AoDoT, and Duration so I don't have to recast it as much.  Finally, Streak is a mobilizer with an an AoE stun (Shock damage, but pretty negligible, even with both Damage Buffs.)  Managing a pseudo-party like this means that I have to see the whole battlefield, not to mention the fact that if I die, the other 2 disappear.  So, I have to move to the most adventageous spot, quickly.  The Major Expedition helps, but I don't want to barswap cast my Get out of Trouble card.

Speaking of which, Summon Charged Atronach.  "THWOMP!"  Now it's a party!  I chose this morph, because of the AoE Shock Damage.  Of course, why it's on this side of the swap.

Single target (Inferno Staff)

Daedric Prey, so I have 2 ways to designate targets.  (Also, a fully charged Power Attack.)  This is like Boundless Storm, in that it does 3 things, only without taking up a Slot in your Spellbook.  It designates a target to Focus down, both Pets will attack it, it ticks down to deal Damage, and it also buffs the Damage that the pets Do, to the target.  Having only 3 slots for Spells, I chose 1 for DPS, another for multifunction (DPS, Protection, and Mobility) and a 3rd to Control (And buff) the pets.

Flame Reach is a Knockback, and a halfway decent DoT.  It's my main spammable, because I want them Back in the AoE when they come after me, where Stompy, and Twila can beat them up, not over here chewing on me, because the "Tank" doesn't have a hard Taunt.

Endless Fury to pick off targets when they're low, with a little Shock Damage from Splash.  (Honestly, your DPS from Liquid Lightning drops 8% without the Lightning Staff, so I don't want to toggle it off to spam an Execute.)

Clanfear, Twilight Matriarch...  Energy Overload.  This is just for Attack Weaving, while I get Magicka back from it.  Especially when I'm Juggling mobs, I should be on my Lightning Staff so liquid lightning stays up, and does the most damage, but that's if I have the Magicka.  DO NOT HOLD DOWN THE LIGHTNING BUTTON.  This burns up too much Ultimate.  Weave in Knockback, with tapattacks, until everyone is Stunned, or getting back up to get a breather, and save the Ulti for your Boss Drop.  The Atronach does more damage that you do, cosplaying Palpatine, even on the Lightning Staff side, with the maximum Damage Bonus.  That's Why this is on the Inferno Staff side:  Single.  Target,  Damage (And Magicka.)  So, you don't have to channel Dark Deal.  (Yes, Dark Deal, for overland.  I don't have much Stamina, so i run out of breath quickly.  This allows me to Block, Roll Dodge, and Sprint more often.  I don't keep it on my bar, except to Block, Sprint, and Roll Dodge, traveling Overland.)  

Conclusion from Playtesting:

This is a severely handicapped build, however that makes it extremely good for Training.  You don't learn how to manage your time, and resources (Including Health, and Ultimate) Xeroxing an endgame build with pieces you can't even get (Like Master Weapons) without being able to pull a role in a Group.  A good group, that's too good to carry you, because they're Trying to win this, not drag you around like an Anchor.

However, it's challenging, fun, and actually fairly low risk, once you learn how to Play it.  Patiently, this makes for long battles without a Good DPS in the party to kill everything quickly.  It's also different, for you leaderboard Trials runners, and former Emperors of Cyrodiil, it might be fun to try for a break from running the latest tweak to your Rotation, or to go farm Nirncrux from the only place you can get it.  (They really should increase the drop rate now.  I mean...  never mind, that's another rant, but seriously, it's been a couple years now, and it's still not Free to Play?  Sorry.)


I'm Farming for Sets here.  I have 5 piece Necropotence, because I can.  (Seems a waste to collect dust in my bank.)  Torugs Pact as a legacy set to get me here, and 3 piece Order of Diagna (Jewelry) for Health.  I'll replace the cowl, and epaulets with the Monster set when i get those.  If you have a trunk full of those, then pick yourself out something nice.

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