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Sorcerer Tanking Advice Needed.

So, I've done plenty of research and ultimately I will naturally utilize whatever I want for my builds, especially since I am aiming to theme him a bit.  I'll reserve the theme since it may change the bias.I want a Sorcerer Tank, PvE and for PvP.  I'd like some advice not only for PvPing, but also for PvE in both Dungeon and Trials (if it is even possible for a Sorc to Tank Trials)

I'd like to know right off the bat if this is possible without the Clannfear pet heal.. I know it is very powerful.. but I don't like pets and I don't like the fact that everyone who uses it seems to say you Have to have it on both bars.  I'm not max level yet, but I have hit max level before on other characters, so I am vaguely familiar with some things.  I'm not looking for gear advice at the moment, I'll worry about that later.. just skill sets and such.

Any help would be great, I'll link what i have For now at least.. it isn't optimal and not what I am going to stick with by any means.

Pierce Armor, Shattering Prison, Endless Fury, Boundless Storm, Absorb Magic - Charged Atronach (Will become Shield Wall) 1HHeroic Slash, Conjured Ward, Vigor.  Two slots left open due to levels.. using Shield Charge and Guard for PvPing atm. War Horn ulti 1H as well.

Obviously since I am not leveled, there is room left.. but any advice is welcome.  Thanks ahead of time.

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