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Sorcerer Tanking Advice Needed.

So, I've done plenty of research and ultimately I will naturally utilize whatever I want for my builds, especially since I am aiming to theme him a bit.  I'll reserve the theme since it may change the bias.I want a Sorcerer Tank, PvE and for PvP.  I'd like some advice not only for PvPing, but also for PvE in both Dungeon and Trials (if it is even possible for a Sorc to Tank Trials)

I'd like to know right off the bat if this is possible without the Clannfear pet heal.. I know it is very powerful.. but I don't like pets and I don't like the fact that everyone who uses it seems to say you Have to have it on both bars.  I'm not max level yet, but I have hit max level before on other characters, so I am vaguely familiar with some things.  I'm not looking for gear advice at the moment, I'll worry about that later.. just skill sets and such.

Any help would be great, I'll link what i have For now at least.. it isn't optimal and not what I am going to stick with by any means.

Pierce Armor, Shattering Prison, Endless Fury, Boundless Storm, Absorb Magic - Charged Atronach (Will become Shield Wall) 1HHeroic Slash, Conjured Ward, Vigor.  Two slots left open due to levels.. using Shield Charge and Guard for PvPing atm. War Horn ulti 1H as well.

Obviously since I am not leveled, there is room left.. but any advice is welcome.  Thanks ahead of time.

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    Okay, first of all let me say that I'm not "Typical" when it comes to Tanking, so there's some here that will tell you I'm full of something.

    No, you don't need Clanfear, but that emergency heal helps early on.  While you level up, and unlock more Daedric Summoning spells, like Bound Aegis.  I highly recommend it at lower level for this, until you unlock some better self heals:

    Critical Surge:  Here's where I diverge from other players, to the point that some of them won't play with me.  (Fortunately, they're mostly stuck running the same dungeons on Hard Mode to prove that they're the best at running the same rotation as everyone else.)  One of the ways is I play an Orc, in Medium Armor, with a Sharpened Maul (Of the Night's Silence, with Defending trait) and one of the main reasons is for Critical Charge,  Critical Surge heals you based on how much Damage you deal with a Crit, and this is a Guaranteed Crit.  Also, since the latest patch, you don't have to be a minimum distance from the target, so it's Spammable.  (And it does massive damage, if you build around it.)  Also, you get a pretty handy damage shield out of Brawler (Which scales off the number of enemies it hits.)  that's my "Destruction Staff."

    (An easier build is Dual Daggers with Hurricane, Quick Cloak, and Steel tornado, but that makes you a "Spin-to-win" DPS instead of a tankety-Tank TANK, so some people won't play with you.  However, Hurricane+Quick Cloak=45% faster Movement Speed, which is great for a Tank, because it's your job to hold everyone Here.  The more mobile you are, the better you can control where HERE is.)

    Dark Deal (If you're playing a Staff Tank, we'll have to talk about other things, like the Magicka Morph.)  This pretty much makes tanking easy.  it's an Easy button for Tanking, because you don't have to Block, it heals you for the duration, And brings you back the Resource you need to taunt, and Block.  (Magicka with an Ice Staff, but the Taunt is a Power Attack, which gives you Magicka back)

    Energy Overload.  (Also Heroic Slash to keep your Major heroism up)  Here's the deal, most Ultimates use your Ultimate.  All of it, however much you have saved up.  If it costs 35 Ulti, and you have 350 saved up?  It costs 350 Ultimate to cast it, but Energy overload uses Ultimate to replace your attacks (With basically tap-attacks from a Lightning Staff, or channeling Force lightning) and gives you Magicka back.  Regardless of if you use a Shield, Ice Staff, or Both, with Dark deal, you can Channel that Magicka into Spamina, and Health, if you don't run out.  I don't use this all the time, i mostly reserve it for Bosses, but it's worth saving up for the fights where you need it, rather than dropping an Atronach every other fight with trash mobs just to get rid of it, and start building up more ultimate.  The tapattacks can weave in with Feats, and Block cancellation (I tend to use a attack/feat/bash cancel 3 hit combo rather than a rotation, and use the feat/spell I need in that moment.)

    The longer answer is "How do you play a Tank?"  I know, that's answering a question with a question, but honestly, that's what "Play your way" means.  I don't know how you tank, so neither I, nor anyone else can tell you how to set up Your Sorcerer for the Way You Tank.  At best, we can give you the standard build, which you can look up anywhere.

    Skilled>Build.  The best build in the game won't make you a Tank if you don't know how to play it, and a Tank set up for You is going to work better in Your hands than anything else.

    Everything above is likely Opinion, and/or subject to change. 


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