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  1. Jdaigle22

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    Do you know any?


    Member6 Posts
    Jdaigle22 wrote on March 29, 2017

    Do you know any?

    if you are on Xbox NA, I can help you.

  3. Jdaigle22

    Member28 Posts

    Sent you a message. Xx The Smoter xX

  4. Azyurel

    Member9 Posts

    Does anyone know of a consolidated list of Trade Guilds on PC? Just got back and trying to get into some Trade Guild fun, but can't seem to find any Craftercentric Guild info.

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  5. FrancisCrawford

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    Azyurel wrote on June 6, 2017

    Does anyone know of a consolidated list of Trade Guilds on PC? Just got back and trying to get into some Trade Guild fun, but can’t seem to find any Craftercentric Guild info.


    But as a hack, you could do some searches on Tamriel Trade Centre -- http://www.TamrielTradeCentre.com -- and see what guilds keep coming up.

    General tips

    A sorcerer leveling guide

  6. Kingmukade37

    Member6 Posts

    I have a question if anyone is willing to answer where do you find thrones

  7. ThePowerOfEvil

    Member11 Posts

    Depends, some come from events, others come from the luxury vendor in cold harbour, I believe theres a few you can craft. I know of one that comes from the writ voucher merchant. There was also that Game Of Thrones event that gave them away for free.

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  8. Kingmukade37

    Member6 Posts

    Thank you and nice pic

  9. Talyndor

    Member15 Posts

    I’m so sorry, but I’ve googled  and read thru several online  posts, and I just don’t understand the basics of how to level my clothier.

    when I get to a table, I see the jute cloth I refined, but below it is a red screen with nothing I can hilight, and below that is a “x”in white.

    When I select a pattern, like boots, all I can do is choose my jute cloth, I get no option to add or craft or make the boots.

    i feel like I’m missing something very basic.

    help, please.

  10. Latin

    Member1308 Posts

    You can gain Inspiration Point in the skill either through deconstructing looted or crafted light or medium armour, from crafting light or medium armour, or from completing clothier crafting writs. The first method, i.e. deconstructing light or medium armour, is the quickest, though depending on your character level and typical activity, it can take a while to acquire enough to max the skill.

    But progressively, as you level clothier, you will find that you can craft higher levelled gear. At certain level intervals, you can also allocate an additional skill point into the Tailoring passive under the Clothier skill tree; this passive enables you to work with materials of higher tiers and thus levels.

    Where it shows an item or stone in red can either indicate that you lack the required number of refined materials, motif material or trait material to make an item, or that you lack the knowledge to create an item of a particular trait, motif or level. Traits can be learnt from selecting to Research an item rather than deconstructing it; it takes upwards of 6 hours to research a trait of an item, but afterwards, you can create the corresponding trait in the researched trait. Motif can be learnt through reading motif chapters/books; you can loot/steal these from bookshelves, treasure chests and containers, or buy them from other players.

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  11. Talyndor

    Member15 Posts

    Thank you for taking the time to respond, Latin. It turns out I made the most basic of mistakes. i had the Crown Stone checked, so I could not see the components to use. I unchecked it, the components appeared, and all is on track. I feel so stupid.

    Thanks for your guidance.

    And note to anyone else who encountered what I did: check to see what is (or is not) checked!

  12. Talyndor

    Member15 Posts

    So....I just plopped down a chunk load of crowns on the Assassin's Motif since my clothier hit level 50, but I cannot find the motif anywhere in my crafting panel.

    I "used" the book I got, so I know the recipes should be somewhere. How come I cannot find or use these? What good is buying a crown store motif if it is not usable?

    I must be doing something very basic, and very wrong.

    Any help would be most appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

  13. Latin

    Member1308 Posts

    There are options to hide motifs on the crafting interface if you do not have any of the motif stones required; they are on 'hide' by default. The crown motif stone has to be separately toggled in order for it to be used; if you hadn't toggled it and do not have any Tainted Blood in your bank, inventory or crafting bag, then you won't be able to see the option to craft Assassin's League styled items.

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  14. Talyndor

    Member15 Posts

    Motifs question.

    Can i change a motif on a crafted, bound item, or am I "stuck" with how it looks?

  15. Latin

    Member1308 Posts
    Talyndor wrote on February 6, 2018

    Motifs question.

    Can i change a motif on a crafted, bound item, or am I “stuck” with how it looks?

    You cannot change the intrinsic motif on any item. The motif selected when you are crafting the item is 'fixed' from the moment you crafted it.


    With that said, you can modify the appearance of the item through the Outfit System in the next major update (3.3).

    Note that this only modifies how the item piece looks, but it doesn't change the intrinsic motif of the item. For example, if you have the knowledge of Xivkyn on your character, you can change the appearance of your Breton helm into Xivkyn helm; but if you deconstruct your helm later on, you won't get Xivkyn motif stone (Charcoal of remorse), but instead will still get the Breton motif stone (Molybdenum).

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