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Silent Warriors | Global | PvX 18+ | Discord | Military Friendly | PC-NA

Hello there, and welcome to the guild topic of Silent Warriors. We're a community of gamers that has stood the test of time and created bonds of friendship over many years, originating in 2002. Our presence is in many games, with many different branches. We plan on getting a decent foothold into the game's guild system and PvP as well as PvE.

Do you like playing with others? Do you want to be known and not just another number in a zerg? How about friendly competition in PvP, or beating a mob's head in? Consider joining our community and coming into our Discord to talk with us. You're welcome at any time.

If you like what you're reading so far, continue on! We'll keep it short.

Focus: PvX

Faction: Ebonheart Pact for PvP (taking all factions though)

Timezone: Mostly Central to East Coast USA players with some West Coast, AU, Caribbean and one crazy UK guy....

Contacts:  @Loeb_Rahl

VoIP: Discord (mandatory) https://discord.gg/htR5EMa Role: ESO



  • Age 18+ only.
  • Discord - no mic? No problem! Just be on to listen. 
  • Be open-minded.
  • Play and have fun. Provide us a valid UPS address, and you shall have a free kitten coming on next day delivery.*

What SWG offers you in return

  • A community of gamers, not just another boring guild.
  • Interesting chats in Discord or in-game.
  • Drama-free gaming environment
  • Relaxation and recreation, it's a game not a job.
  • Attentive members who don't mind helping
  • Drunk karaoke.**

Guild Rules

  • No cheating, exploiting, or otherwise engaging in dishonest play (RMTing, for example).
  • No scamming
  • No sexism
  • Be good to one another. Treat each other like distant cousins you don't see much but you'd like to be friends with- even though you think that since they live in Kentucky, they're most likely inbred; but hey, they have hearts of gold and full heads of goldenrod hair despite obvious leg and arm genetic mutations that are at first super-jarring but later on settle into acceptance and love.

About Loeb Rahl:

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    Loeb Rahl

    Member3 Posts

    Use the in-game guild finder or contact @Loeb_Rahl in game email.

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    Loeb Rahl

    Member3 Posts

    Actively recruiting new members now.

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    Jana Waylett

    Member1 Posts

    I'm glad to join this.


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