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Shadowstrike concern

Hello YF community. I was building my first tank because of the new Warden class and while I was distributing champion points in the shadow tree I came across a concern that may come up for tanks specifically. My concern is loosing taunt while heavy attack weaving with the shadowstrike passive in the shadow tree. As a stam tank imperial Warden I found myself putting the majority of my point into this tree because of having the bull netch for stam regen and health return from basic attacks from imperial passives. The situation I think about is during a boss fight with ads where I kill an ad with a heavy attack and then go invisible for 2.5 sec which, I would think, cause the boss and ads to loose taunt and start attacking my teammates. If anyone has experienced this, or if anyone knows if they programed a way for that not to happen where the enemies might sit there clueless as they do when you are solo fighting with a nightblade please comment. I know it's a rare instance, but that could really mess up a no death or speed run.

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    Yeah probably a bad idea... this happens when you tank on nightblade and use invis, so it would do the same with warden.


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