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Satisfaction with DLCs

Hi, dwellers of Tamriel,

I'm working on a dissertation that studies the Satisfaction with DLCs in MMORPG games and its relationship with in-game playstyles. If you enjoyed or were upset with any DLC in ESO, be sure to participate in this survey!

Please access the survey from the link below, this should take 5-10mins of your time:https://soton.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_9HpC0GrIlbFHZjf

*For those who have purchased ESO plus.*As you are paying more for the additional benefits outside of the contents in the DLCs. Only take into consideration the price and the contents of DLC (ala carte), without the additional benefits included in the +bundle when answering the questions.

*This study is purely for academic purpose. Your participation is greatly appreciated and I am to bring new insights to academia surrounding game development.

Drop me a pm if you have any queries. Thanks! :) 

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