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Rules for Dragonknight Theorycrafting

Welcome to the Dragonknight Theorycrafting subforum on Tamriel Foundry. This forum is designed for high-level discussion of Dragonknight class mechanics, abilities and builds. Be forewarned, our theorycrafting forums are heavily moderated; there are a number of important rules which must be obeyed when participating in discussion within this forum. In addition to the normal Code of Conduct the following restrictions apply:

Theorycrafting Forum Rules

  • Posts must be carefully formatted. More importantly for these forums than for the general TF community a high level of clarity is required to facilitate intelligent discussion. The use of formatting tools such as capitalization, colors, images must be used judiciously.
  • Topics must be supported by in-game evidence or proof of concept. In order to facilitate informed discussion, your topics must provide tested evidence from within the game or logical proof to support your claims. Do not post your opinion unless you can justify it using available data.
  • Do not create a topic to ask a question. If you would like to engage in a discussion about the relative merits of certain abilities, builds, or strategies please feel free to do so, provided such discussion adheres to the previous rule.
  • Topic authors must keep their threads current. We reserve the right to lock and remove topics pertaining to information that has become outdated or irrelevant due to patch changes.
  • Character builds must be descriptive. If you wish to post your character build in this forum you must follow the following additional rules:
    • Character builds should be designed with level 50 gameplay in mind.
    • Include a description of your build objectives and your intended combat role.
    • Ideally, provide a working link to a currently up-to-date character planning utility.
    • Don't only cover the basics - include additional information like armor sets, Mundus Stone choice, alternate weapon sets, rotation suggestions, and recommended Champion Point allocation.
    • Provide analysis of the key abilities utilized by your build as well as crucial passives or mechanics that are required for optimal functioning of your build.

The class theorycrafting forums are more heavily moderated than other forums on Tamriel Foundry. We reserve the right to remove your posts from this forum without notification or warning. Repeated violations of the rules for class theorycrafting forums may lead to disciplinary action.

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