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Role play for templar

Good time of day the inhabitants of Nirn, the  Plans of Oblivion and possibly Etherius. With you, the Great Prophet and I play a year and a half for the templar (this is my first and only character so far). Like most players playing for the templar

I'm a little upset that he is only perceived as a healer and as a percentage of twenty cases as mana dd. I think that this is a very versatile class (as in principle and all the classes in the game thanks to the unique mechanics) and its capabilities do not end there. For example, talents in the Aedric Spear branch seem to hint that, in conjunction with the common shield and sword skills, they will give us a unique tank, different from the same dragon knight and sorcer (such as Sun Shield and Focused charge). From the templar can get a good AOE damager on the stamina (although here it is necessary to recognize that it is more useful for grind and pve the passage of the game).

Of course, it's worth considering the moment that if you went into the game just to go on a raid, pvp, farm, then my article will not be useful to you, as I will focus on the atmosphere and the role-playing game in TES online. The level of such a "dive" you already determine for yourself, I, for example, use chat like a normal player, but when I do quests, I read each task, I go into history (for the sake of this it helps also for faster pumping, you can understand without a marker where and how to perform the task, if you found it in the job description).

However, for the same solo game, there are many nuances that do not fit in with the guides of professional players. For example, I say that there are branches such as the Dodger or the  DLC Guild of Thieves and the Dark Brotherhood . In the mass game (raids and global pvp), they will not help you in any way, therefore, without extra points of skill, no one will take them. But, they can be very useful for immersing in the atmosphere of the game (after all, do not forget, it's still a series of "scrolls", it originated on the site of single RPGs and not immediately became an MMO). And in my opinion, Zenimax managed to transfer the atmosphere of Bethesda. 

Here it is worth noting, of course, that I, as a true Templar, immersed in the atmosphere and saving the world from evil :) did not become a thief or a murderer (although I bought both add-ons at a discounted campaign last week), and the Rogue ( does not confuse with class night blade). blew only at the level of lock breaking. Simply lost is the "taste" of the game when, for example, your Templar thief-killer, who heals associates in the dungeon and brutally punishes enemy players in the PVP , just for the fact that above them an enemy flag :) Of course, I exaggerate a little, you can get pleasure from such a game .

So what else can help you feel the TES atmosphere in more detail? It's a high graphics and a good monitor, preferably curved monitor . This will add to your dive game and will also give you the opportunity to better notice game details such as the same materials for raw materials (which to the art is so clearly seen in the game, thanks to the developers for the Keen Eye type: Cloth, no one cares :)) so and small moments, like for example when you can watch and where all the same run NPS after you give them the quest and wherein the distance another guard fights a daedra .

Really, try it! You immediately feel different impressions, you will be more pleasant to play. At the same time, you can calmly "switch" between the "player" and "hero" regimes. I suggest you also often use the mode from the first person (I agree, it is not very convenient for the MMO, even if we compare with Skyrim there are many items that are difficult to translate with RPG MMO correctly). What was it epic to fight with Molag Bal in his first-person Oblivion Plan! Straight I remembered the good old TES 4 Oblivion, when you fight with a Sigil Stone- Dremora lord  in the finals of the next portal in the same Oblivion.

So, let's summarize my first article and find out what I wanted to say(I made a logical connection between the statement and the thesis from below, according to the color scheme) :

  1.  Act out your character as you see fit. Yes, the build gates are useful (I suggest still stick to them), but do not get hung up on the principle temp-healer, nb-killer, etc. Do not get hung up on them.
  2. Conditionally divide the game for "playing" (mostly solo passage) and "ordinary game" (where you will have to participate in the life of the guild, fight in PVP, etc.)
  3.  Pump all the branches that you think are necessary. And also those that will benefit your character (for example, increase the treasures in the constellation Shadow [Fortune Seeker])
  4.  Get the right equipment and graphics settings for a more detailed dive into the game.

If you liked the article then please, you can always add me to friends in the game @ dargens25. And also I want to do a poll in which channel to move further and what topic of the article to publish next:1) role-playing TESO2) Guide to the templar3) communication and interesting moments between TESO and single TES games

Thak's four your attention guys! I hope you like my article. It's my first job on this site and TESO . So I hope it's thematically entered and does not go beyond logic.

About The Great Prophet:

I'm in TESO for a year and a half, beyond the templar. Passed single series of TES (Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim)

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