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Returning player, whats the "better" mage class??

As title says returning player and am keen to toss the old melee out (stamDK and all) and give sorc a go. Question is, at this point in the game which shines, mostly open world,questy kinda stuff. No big trials and the like yet.

Old school magic sorc or stam one....or go with magic based DK? I see lots of builds and such but no clue as to which one plays out better, or are they all pretty much on par?

Cheers all!! 

Wanted to ask also how old are these builds and why are they not updated? No need? Also am seeing a certain addon? or UI on a lot of the videos, is that new with some of the new content or a new add on? its very clean and slick looking! 

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    Actually rolled a Nightblade/stam, as I read about some good builds and its something I haven't done. we shall see! But any hints. nudges be most appreciated!

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    For open-world quests and dungeons, anything work; for the most part, you won't even need a proper skill rotation.

    In terms of trial, the effectiveness often depends on the group's coordination and the skill of the players. But Sorc and Nightblades are pretty strong right now. There are some potential changes coming for DK in the next major update (Summerset), but will have to see what they are when it goes on to the PTS later this month.


    I don't understand your comment on "how old the builds are and why they are not updated". The current patch is 3.3 (a.k.a. Dragon Bones), but in consideration of the minimal mechanics changes over the past few patches, any build threads that have been updated since 3.1 could still be adapted with minimal fuss.

    For the most part, the skills and gear are the same; the only difference is just the allocation of the additional effective champion points (assuming you are at the cap - if not, then it isn't something that will affect you). The most decisive factor is just about your execution of the rotation and the understanding of the boss/combat mechanics.

    The 'new' UI that you see are most definitely addons. The only significant updates to the UI implemented by ZOS were the basic dps tracking, buff tracking and damage/healing numbers.

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    Thanks for that! Playing magblade at the moment and its fun! Will wait to see what pans out for Dk's.

    As for the builds, I am just used to builds changing like every month, on GW2 they changed every balance patch so it was crazy. HAve since figured out what you said, petty much they are up to date with current releases. ANd the UI bit I found out was actually the UI for a gamepad, lol, go figure. SO yea, thanks and now I reckon I just roll along! 

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    Welcome back! Many of the details of my sorcerer leveling guide are obsolete, but the general principles still hold. In particular:

    • Magicka sorcerer is a strong solo choice.
    • Pets are still strong to level with.
    • Empowered Ward is awesome (but many people prefer the other morph, Hardened Ward, for endgame play).
    • Endless Fury is rarely needed, but is often useful and fun.
    • Crystal Fragments has been nerfed.
    • Force Shock (either morph) is a staple.
    • Elemental Blockade has become awesome.
    • Liquid LIghtnng (the preferred morph) is very strong.
    • Power Surge is great, especially when soloing

    General tips

    A sorcerer leveling guide

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    Thanks so much, your suggestion worked for me.



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