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Reagents used by Alchemist

Hi I am a level 26 Sorcerer level 6 Alchemist and new to game - I am try to produce Sip of Ravage Stamina - ok I know the formulas and I keep getting Sip of Ravage Health - I can see that their is an option for the reagents to use the infinity sign the 8 on its side to produce the Stamina but I have no idea how to invoke it. Can any one help me before I pull out the hair I have left.

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    Im not at home therefore can't tell you exact but there's multiple alchemy leveling guides. http://deltiasgaming.com/2016/05/06/eso-alchemy-guide/


    Also you would need 2 ravage stam reagents and both can't have ravage health in it or will produce the ravage health pot.

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    Thanks mate much appreciated will follow your advise.


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