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Questions I can't find consensus on.

Hey All, I had a couple of questions while trying to theorycraft patch 3.1 but per the usual playing on XBOX makes getting at numbers difficult as they don't get stored anywhere to review and instead fly off my screen in such a manner that makes them almost impossible for me to read. As a result of these limitations I ask you all for patience and understanding with the following questions.


1) Infused Maelstrom Staff--I know that the light attacks on my front bar receive the buff because everyone seems to agree but what I don't know is does the infused amount carry over or is it the 'non-infused' amount? I tried testing this by throwing up wall and light attacking with my front bar but the various interactions of 'on fire' etc combined with the speed at which numbers fly off the screen made it hard to follow. Does this therefor mean that an infused weapon power glyph loses its 'infused' amount when switching to a non infused weapon? With patch 3.1, if infused works the way I hope it does it could be the absolute best back bar trait and that would be cool. Having 2 different traits depending on the bar is more interesting than being forced to keep two sharpened on all at times.

2) It is my understanding that currently Moondancer 3 piece is slightly better than Aether but with patch 3.1 it seems like an interesting question to revisit since Aether will be receiving a 55% buff to its crit bonus while moondancer will receive 13.3%. Has anyone tested this? Also, will Willpower's 2 piece be receiving the 13.3% buff? I would check these but as a console pleb I can't access the PTS so thanks in advance!

3) BONUS* I felt like contributing so this is less a question and more a statement of fact. I wondered why, if when you apply a poison to a vMA staff it keeps the weapon enchants hidden passive, wouldn't it also keep it if you overrode the enchant? So I did it. I overrode the enchant, YOLO right? Thought it dissapears from the weapon your character sheet keeps the bonus. This also works with Masters weapons and the MAX magicka enchant. With this, things like Moondancer weapons are utterly useless if you have vMA weapons since Maelstrom weapons can be enchanted with spell power and will keep their hidden passive of 189 spell. This may be a 'duh we knew that' but for those who didn't and are still weary of trying it on your 1 of a king sharpened sword--try it with a bad staff you have and remember: it will LOOK like you lose it, it will dissapear from the item description itself but look at your character sheet and you will see you still have it.


Thanks again, and sincerest apologies if these questions have been answered elsewhere. Thanks!

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