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[PvP] Edgar's Broke Mercenary Battle Cleric (Old Man Badass)

So I've wanted to post this for a long time...

This will be different then a lot of build posts. This is the everyman Veteran player's Battle Cleric Mag Templar PvP build. I hate gear farming. I've played on and off since launch (take alotta breaks) and I'd categorize myself as competitive-casual. I use a lot of older gear and I don't give a shit about updating to the FOTM. Unless the hardcore eff with the skills, this build will stand the test of time.

I love builds that aren't crazy hard to make, play to character's strengths, take skill and are fun as hell.

Oh and most of all, they kick ass.

Like all that? Welcome to Edgar Baerland's Badass Broke Mercenary Battle Cleric build.


This build is awesome. You both can dish out serious sustained damage with occasional burst, and you are fairly tanky and a healing machine. It really shines bright in battlegrounds, though it's fantastic in cyrodiil as well.

That's right. You can do it all. I'm not going into crazy detail, but I'll tell you what I'm running right now. Experimentation is encouraged.

MUNDUS: Atronach for magicka regen

RACE: I play Breton. Feel free to try whatever you'd like, though the stam races will not suit you super well here.

SKILLS: 64 into Magicka

ARMOR: 5 Heavy, 2 Light

Shoulder/Helm: 1pc Shadowrend, 1 Pc Chokethorn. Both Impen. Each gives Magicka regen. (plenty of room to mess around here. Just make sure you have enough sustain.)

5 armor pieces: Impen all, Magnus' set. Magicka sustain ftw + some dmg. (seducer is cool too)

1h/Shield: Both seducer. Defending mace/Sturdy shield. Resistances+block cost reduction.

2h Flame Staff: Seducer. Sharpened.

Jewelry: 3pc Willpower, Magicka trait, each with +Spell Dmg enchant.

CHAMPION POINTS: I'm not going crazy telling you all these. Frankly, there's plenty of room to mess around. The obvious ones that are baller for mag templars: Master-at-arms, Thaumaturge, Elemental expert, Arcanist. Invest in those, alot. 

I'd recommend you hit for the passives: 75-120 in Steed, 30-75 in Lady, 120 in Lover, 120 in the apprentice.

Skill bars:

1h/Shield: Absorb magic, Total Dark, Channeled Focus, Ritual of Retribution, Honor the dead, ULT: Remembrance.

2h Flame Staff: Elemental drain, Aurora Javelin, Reflective light, Total Dark, Purifying Light, ULT: Soul Assault.

S/B bar is pure survival, sustain and heals. The value of these abilities are self-explanatory. Absorb magic is mostly for passive block bonuses. The Remembrance is a beautiful teamsaver. Why do I have total dark on both bars? Well, because it's incredible. Pop it on a few enemies while you heal your allies, and you get healed while you're healing AND you are dealing damage to them. And if you have purifying lights up, the damage stacks. MAX VALUE.

Flame staff bar is the offensive side, and man is it glorious. Ele drain gives great sustain AND reduces resistances like woah. The minor magickasteal is insanely clutch. Javelin is a great dmg pop and and even better stun. Reflective light is cheap, it's a slow, raises your crit%, and it deals lotsa dmg DoT. Total Dark is just so incredible, like I said. The amount of times I've killed sorcs/snipers popping this on them while they're in tunnelvision kill mode is ridiculous. AND IT HEALS YOU. And yes, I know, both Jav and Total Dark don't overlap since they both can cause stun immunity. But that's part of the skill is deciding when to use which. Situational decision-making. Purifying Light every magplay should know by now this is the most insanse skill in the game. I pelt literally everyone I can see with this and watch the dmg stack up for that final burst. This+total dark and they damage themselves TWICE with their own attacks. God it's so beautiful.

In many ways, this is the counter-build. because of those two. Turn your enemies OP bullshit against them.

And finally, Soul Assault is just a thing of beauty AND ITS SO CHEAP! unbuffed mine does 57,552 damage over 3.5 seconds. PUT PURIFYING LIGHT on first then pop this, and watch them explode when the Purifying timer pops, if the beam doesn't kill them outright. *mwah*.

Put all this together, and you have a hard-to-kill, damage dealing, team-healing, tanky deathmachine, and all for cheap. 1v1 is the only thing that can be a challenge, but if you are patient, maintain your resources until you get your ult, then pop them with purifying/jav/soul assault and bye bye, see ya never.

In Battlegrounds it's pretty normal for me to do 500k+ dmg and 350k+ healing. Pretty damn good for a "support". And most of all, you make your team so, so much better, on both sides of the ball so to speak. More damage and more surviveability.

**This build will take time to learn. It's very patient, knowing when to strike with your offensive combos for a kill, requires good spacing, good timing of shield blocks, and you gotta monitor your magicka pool, and make sure you keep your sustain abilities up like elemental drain and channeled focus. Most of the time you're trying to keep people away, and keep all your beautiful eclipses and purifying lights up and watch enemies 'splode. I love when an overaggressive guy is trying to take me out thinking I'm a pure healer, and just grind him out by surviving while pelting him with dots and debuffs until i finish him with jav/soul assault.

But good god damn is it fun. It really has almost everything. I've been wanting to share this for awhile, but I finally got around to it. Hope y'all enjoy.

-Edgar Baerland

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