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[PvE] Warden Healer "Forest Witch" - vMOL HM confi


Hello, I am a trial healer Doctor Loreley who takes part in a hardcore raiding guild. I used to main a templar, but vAS trial showed me that the kiting templar healer has no appropriate tools to recover fast, run fast, support the main tank passively. So I took my warden healer and made a competitive trial build. Your teammates WILL NOT miss the second BoL and won't even feel that the healing has changed, but the healing teamwork will go completely differently.



Race: Argonian or Breton. Since Wardens don't have a lot of damaging support skills, the High Elf won't fit nice as they fit on Templars. Bretons have extra resistance and lower cost (I run Breton Templar), but I prefer Argonian to easily swap into healing tank role (for vDSA 3DD + healing tank, dungeons, etc), because Wardens offtanks amazed me. I want my character to be flexible, and Argonian potion recovery passive, extra hp and healing bonus are so nice.

Food: Withcmother potent brew for extra magicka recovery. Don't try to use max mag/hp food, the healer shall not do many heavy attacks as it removes off-balanced effect from target. You want to support your DDs with nice off-balance uptime and not to steal it, don't you? :) So a Warden witch definetly drinks Witchmother brew.

Poison: since Wardens don't have skills with minor fracture/breach, you can run breaching or fracturing poison on your backbar (the poison depends on your raid, more stamina or magicka). Your lightning blockade will also proc it.

Potions: drop magicka potions for trash fights (since Warden has 2 abilities that can replace crafted potion effects), and spellpower pots: gives magicka back, increases spelldamage and spellcrit. Cornflower, Lady’s Smock, and Water Hyacinth or Namira's Rot are the herbs every Forest Warden witch must know ;)

Mundus: Atronach Stone. It's a TRIAL healer build, and in trials you MUST sustain well in long lasting fights. No matter where: long exhausting fights in vHOF, fast and smooth runs in vAA - you want your magicka to be always up. The worst healer is the healer who responds "Out of magicka" while his teammate shouts "I need healing!!"

Stats: 17 200 hp with food up is your minimum. 18-19k hp would be nice. Put 10-20 points in hp, and the rest of it - in magicka. Keep your magicka recovery ~2300 if you go with experienced group, ~2500 if you'll encounter hard and long fight and ~2900 if your group is not prepared and needs a hell of support.

Enchants: You need to have 2 jewelry complects. 1 full magicka recovery complect to boost up your sustain, 1 spell damage necklace, 1 spelldamage ring and 1 ring with reduce cost for Argonians or spelldamage for Bretons. I swap my jewelry depending on the fight and my bars, e.g. if I have Purge skill - it means I have 5-10% extra recovery from passive and can replace one recovery ring with spelldamage ring.


Champion Points

Similar as a Templar. Based on 690 CP:


  • 61 Ironclad
  • 49 Thick Skinned
  • 49 Hardy (or 0, if in vMOL)
  • 49 Elemental Defender
  • 11 Spell Shield (or 60, if in vMOL)
  • 11 Quick Recovery


  • 37 Warlord
  • 75 Arcanist
  • 75 Tenacity (in case you do heavy attacks. You can put 50 here, as I did with my Templar)
  • 11 Bashing Focus
  • 13 Shadow Ward
  • 18 Tumbling

Feel free to redistribute green points to match your playstyle!


  • 75 Blessed
  • 81 Elfborn 
  • 43 Elemental Expert (Ele blockade damage! Wo-hoooo!)
  • 23 Thaumaturge (Yh I have no idea what to do with additional cp, let's have moar DPS)
  • Whatever in Spell Erosion



Your basic gear should be Spellpower Cure, all in gold, no jewelry: 5-piece set bonus depends on the quality of items, so no violet pieces are allowed. Obtained in White Gold Tower dungeon (IC DLC). Secondary gear:

Worm Cult. As a Warden, you wickedly-witchy crouch far behind your teammates because your main healing skill is cone-formed. To aim your skills, you must be really far from the group. Let your Templar healer do Leeroy Jenkins in melee zone with Mending set and stay back. Obtained in Vaults of Madness dungeon.


Mending (Healing mage). Well, a secondary option if the other healer doesn't have Mending. You can't stay too close to insta-proc that 5-piece set bonus. Or you can, but you'll be less efficent. Obtained in Aetherial Archive trial.


Master Architect. DUNGEON OPTION. Wardens have a cheap ulti to uptime that set bonus. Start from War Horn, then spam your cute green forest ulti. Obtained in Halls of Fabrications trial (Morrowind DLC)


Front bar: Master restoration. That's a resto staff you can ENCHANT after HoTR patch. You need infused one with weakening/crusher enchant. And it must be gold. I prefer to run weakening personally, and tanks and second healer run crusher.

Back bar: Lightning destro. Craft the most beautiful stave and enjoy! Or you can run Maelstorm destro, whatever. The trick is you don't get any set bonus on your backbar, so you can really stay with crafted one. You want to have 2 destro staves in your pocket or even 3: infused weakening/crusher enchant for extra uptime if you struggle (I run 2 weakening in vMOL hardmode, Rakkhat hurts us!!!) and charged with shock enchant to provide offbalance and minor vulnerability. However, if you have 4+ sorcs, you can replace shock enchant with poisons, as I've mentioned previously.

In case you don't have Master: Heavy Chokethorn infused head. For extra recovery, ofc! And 2 set staves, like SPC or WC.



Many players try to compare Templar with Warden. That's not right. You don't try to be a copy of a Templar, you shall heal as a Warden. This class is way harder to success with. Like, you know, you can go mag pet sorc and easily learn to pull 30-40k DPS with cozy shields and some Surge help, or you can go stamblade and suffer, suffer and suffer untill one day you pull 50k DPS and become a true Master of Damage :D


  • No Breath of Life. Even though you have strong AoE burst heal, you can't save a man if you don't even see him. All your heals is ground-based, not target-based. That's why you can't go 2 Warden heals.
  • No class source of resourses for tank. Orbs are buggy, a tank often can't press the synergy, so a spear from a templar is still ultimative skill for tank support. However, that won't be a problem in experienced groups as with 2 Templars setup we run only one spear. Nothing has changed for my raid.
  • No access to the class minor fracture/breach debuff. Wardens have only Major fracture/breach, but those debuffs are applyed by puncture. Not a problem if you have a stamplar or a handy Templar healer (me and my partner can solo keep 40-65% Power of the Light)
  • Weak access to every-second-overheal. Templar's Ritual allows to insta-proc Spellpower Cure. However, Budding seeds synergy, Leeching vines or Lotus Blossom give you access to overhealing.


  • AoE breath of life. Your Budding Seeds are so strong they can heal as much as the BoL does. Your cute mushrooms do the same thing. And those skills ALL are AoE. Puff! Everyone is full hp!!
  • Strong set of useful utilities for your group. A templar has only PoL/Vampire bane option and a Syphon, that's all. And YOU can slot much more situative skills.
  • AoE major fracture debuff. That becomes handy in massive trash fights where tanks prefer to use range taunt.
  • One more synergy. Budding Seeds are not connected with orbs, as Spear does, so it's one more way to uptime Alkosh.
  • Cheap ulti access. You CAN wear Master Architect or Inventor Guard. Handy in vAS kite role. Also you don't need a Resto ulti for extra save (like vMOL execute phase), you have cheaper Forest!


Main bar (Restoration staff)

Resto staff abilities:
  • Healing Springs. Familiar, eh? A HoT that gives your magicka back, stacks and does is a basic heal everyobe is familiar with.
  • Combat Prayer. 2x springs - prayer, 2x springs - prayer... Boring healing routine. An instant heal that grants Minor Berserk (extra damage), Minor Resolve, and Minor Ward.
  • Ward Ally. As a healer, you have a lot of resists, so basicaly you don't need a Harness Magicka shield. Ward Ally is the Warden's Breath of Life: if you don't see the ingured immediately, you shield up your ally and after that start to search for him to hit him with your healing abilities. The mercy BoL finds its target as the Ward does even if the injured made a positioning mistake. Most of the healers don't even use BoL for those emergency situations as an injured target with good positioning gets so many HoT that the stopping incoming damage via Ward Ally is enough to heal him passively. You may not replace that shield with Harness Magicka!!! Too dangerous without second BoL! Only a few situations can force you to go Light Armor shields, so replace it only if you suffer really hard!
Green Balance abilities:
  • Enchanted Growth. Burst instant cone-formed heal that gives targets Minor Intelect and Minor Endurance. Your Breath of Life for the group that can make a Templar cry. Hard to target, so I recommend extra practice with some teammates: feel the raduis, feel the distance - and your mushrooms will become a nightmare for Templar. If you have sustain promlems, you can replace it with Betty Netch (I don't do that, it's like to keep Radiant Aura for recovery... I have more useful skills to flood my frontbar)
  • Budding Seeds. Instant heal with 5 sec delay, applies HoT when the synergy is pressed. Can be activated manually via second cast. Must be placed under tanks and melee DDs, it is a personal BoL for tanks: you can be busy with some healing-buffing stuff looking around and you see a tank or melee is injured - press Seeds and continue your routine, don't even look at them. Really handy in massive fights where tanks must stay far away from the group. Give them some flowers and stick with group healing, in case of emergency the flowers will help even of you are not faced towards the injured.
  • Northern Storm. Templar Solar Prison annoyes me as it is useful while slotted, I replace it with Barrier for recovery. But Warden's Northern Storm gives me +8% max magicka and some additional spell resistance from Winter's Embrace passive! One more reason to choose Argonian instead of Breton. Solar prison applies Major Maim, and our cute blizzard gives Major protection. That means Solar is applied on the enemy target (some incoming damage has different source, not the boss) and is a ground ability, and Storm is applied on the allies, reducing ALL damage and shifting with you as Storm is centered on the caster. Stacks with Solar Prison.
  • Barrier, any morph. Alliance war Support ultimate. Gives you access to the 5%/10% magicka recovery passive while slotted. I recommend it in vHOF.
  • Healing Thicket. A Green Balance ultimate to proc Master Architect/Inventor Guard or to save you in hard situations. I used it in vMOL hardmore to protect tanks far away from the group and then spammed it on a melee DDs suffering from Void debuff. Gives +2% healing done, but in fact +8% magicka from Storm grants you more healing.
Optional skills: can be replaced by Ward Ally/Enchanted Growth
  • Subterranean Assault. Animal companion skill that gives you AoE major fracture/breach after delay.
  • Cleance. Alliance War support skill. With THAT mag regen you don't need reduced cost, but the healing will amaze you in vHOF 1st boss. Good to be on a main bar because of Magicka recovery passive.
  • Quick Siphon. A source of overhealing to proc Spellpower Cure. Can be nice in vAA. Restoration staff skill.


Back bar (Lightning staff)

Destro staff abilities:
  • Elemental drain. Applies minor magickasteal on a target and gives major breach. Your comrade Templar can unslot ele drain and replace it with some other skills like PoL or Vampire bane to gain ultimate and buff the group.
  • Elemental blockade. Procs off-balance and your enchant/poison. As soon as you place your Ele blockade, you can stop weaving and do some cool healing stuff like spamming orbs or re-apply your buffs (notice: weaving = interrupting animation with light attacks, like all DDs do. You MUST do it as a healer, too. It procs your enchants. Don't blockcast everything as novice healers do)
Undaunted abilities:
  • Energy orb. Healing morph, the only way to provide resourses. Don't forget that orbs have a MASSIVE healing, don't be afraid to spam them on backbar.
Animal companion abilities:
  • Blue Betty. As Channeled focus, it gives you nearly the same magicka regen. It also provides you Animal companion passive that grants you 12% resourses regeneration. You must refresh your Netch every 8 seconds if it is possible since the Savage Beast passive grants you extra ultimate points (similar as Templar PoL/Vampire bane). Can be replaced with mushrooms if you really need extra regen. Putting it on a backbar was my own decidion to get +2% more healing done.
Winter Embrace abilities:
  • Ice fortress. Channeled focusgranted you Major resists, healer must be kinda tanky. So it's better to continue using some resistance skills. Greedy Templars cover only themselves, but cute nice Wardens share their armor with allies! The limit is 6 targets, as Prayer or SPC. Wardens are sooo generous that sometimes they cover everyone except themselves (like healers do with Combat prayer) so it's better to use the Ice fortress morph as it gives you minor protection: 8% incoming damage reduced. Sing sharing song and embrace your allies with frost armor! Also gives spell resistance passive.
  • War horn. Horny time. Doo-doo and burn that boss. I don't think I shall explain that ulti, every healer and tank loves it and knows it.
Optional skills: can be replaced by Ice fortress/Ele drain (if the second healer insists to run drain)
  • Subterranean Assault. Animal companion skill that gives you AoE major fracture/breach after delay.
  • Cleance. Alliance War support skill. With THAT mag regen you don't need reduced cost, but the healing will amaze you in vHOF 1st boss. Good to be on a main bar because of Magicka recovery passive.
  • Lotus Blossom. Green balance mini-Siphon. You do weaving, right? Why not to heal allies with weaving?..
  • Leeching Vines. Green balance. One more siphon, as you may not have enough space on your main bar.
  • Deceptive predator. Why not?.. Try to kite those big kittens in MOL with wings and Nature's Grasp teleporter, add some fun and laugh in your raid. Fly like a bird on Twinse swaps. Rush through annoying spinners in HOF. To be serious, that really helps with vAS kite role.


What do you need to know

A Warden have an interesting passive: healing with Green balance skill grants target Minor Toughness (+10% hp). Usually it is done by Warhorn, but if your team can't provise 100% uptime (e.g. vAA last boss, too far, or 2nd boss MOL, vAS kite) you can still get those extra hp. That's why you always try to hit injured target with mushrooms or flowers. Templar's reaction is BoL/Prayer, your reaction - mushrooms first.

Also, if a Templar didn't hit the heavily injured target with his cheaty-cheasy Breath of life, you can aquire Major Mending passive that was heartlessly stolen from those wicked Templars in Morrowind patch. One more reason to hit targets with class abilities. If you are experienced healer, you already know when the big damage is expected, and you can manually proc that passive by harvesting Budding Seeds at the right time.

Warden is BiS hen group is well positiones as Warden can provide AoE healing in different places at the same time. But if the group is disorganized and runs in panick - that's the time where Templar can start demonic laugh and bully a poor cute powerless Warden with spamming his cheaty BoLs and sparky Spears.



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Because of bugged synergies, a Templar still dominates as a source of half-bugged Spear sunergy to provide it for tanks. Two wardens in the same raid are probably not the best idea. However, in pair Templar and Warden can do amazing things providing a lot of various buffs and debuffs, and wise separation of duties and responsibilities between a Templar and a Warden can work nice for healers themselves: Templar must check only single bad positioned allies or ranged groups and saves magicka, Warden overheals stacked group, both can focus more on buffs since there's always overhelming AoE burst heal and provide more interesting combinations.

Warden is a supportive class. If you force it to hardcore tanking - DK will dominate. If your group is focused on just survival - Templar can just no-brain spam his BoL untill his magicka drops. But if your group is aimed at better results, more damage and better scores - Warden can be so useful that you'll fall in love with this class.

I hope you enjoyes my Forest Witch warden build and will try to use it in high end content for competitive score.


Proof that build is trial-confirmed:


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    Member4 Posts

    Good writeup, thanks!

    What are you wearing specifically for vAS?

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    Hello! I wear Torug Pact (crafted) + Inventor Guard and just spam my forest ulti. Torug with weakening instead of Mending set

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    +1 i play the same setup ! ! and completed all raid too with it exept Vhof cuz my team want 2 templar all the time /D

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    Hey, very nice Build. I like it.But i have one Question ? With what Sets do u run vDSA ?

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    Any chance of an updated build or no need? Loving Warden heals!!! Cheers!


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