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PSA: Dungeon Info for ESO Newbies

There are a lot of new players coming into ESO right now and that's a GREAT thing, ZOS has really polished the game into something special and I'm happy to see it's not going unnoticed. However, there's something important to know about dungeon difficulty levels that's not immediately apparent. free netflix tech news android 9

Not all Normal dungeons are anywhere close to the same difficulty. In particular, what are known as "DLC" dungeons, that were added to the game through DLC expacs, are sometimes as difficult, or even more difficult, than many earlier dungeons are in veteran. These dungeons are among the last to be unlocked as you level; even after you achieve level 50 you will not be able to queue for them on veteran until you reach CP300. There is a reason for this.

In your earlier dungeon runs, mechanics were easy to deal with and maybe even possible to totally ignore if you had a high CP tank or healer in the party. This is not the case with DLC dungeons, at least for lower CP levels, even on normal difficulty. Many of these dungeons have mechanics that are not survivable unless performed correctly. Educate yourself by checking out many of the excellent guides available on Youtube.

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