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[PS4][NA] The House of Nirn is Recruiting

[PS4][NA] Welcome to The House of Nirn, home to the greatest guild that ever guilded in the history of building!

The House of Nirn, Now that you're here with us, let's go over everything Nirn related so that you know what to expect from us, & what we expect of you, & how to get the most out of your membership. (click the link to join the discord for tons more info) Unlike most guilds, The House of Nirn is not owned & operated solely by an egomaniacal guild master, but rather by a collective of members that have been promoted to management. Our managers are responsible for voting on guild business, enforcing our rules, maintaining a friendly environment, providing events, recruiting new members, etc. If you're interested in possibly joining our guild please directly message The_MrFuzzy or comment below for more details

Thank you for taking interest in our community and we look forward to exploring and developing with all of you! Smoke Skooma Chill with your fellow Scrollers' and may all of Nirn be with you on your journeys!

Click Link to Join Discord>>> https://discord.gg/G7Kwt26

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