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[PS4-NA] Brand New guild. The Academy

Welcome to The Academy.     A Casual PVE/Roleplay guild for people to have a fun and safe environment. To join InGame message Roshadus on PSN.  The Guild has a discord set up and is where most things will be run through. There is also a PSN Community set up as well. I'm starting this new guild to create an inclusive and safe environment for roleplay and PVE. Because it is brand spanking new I'm looking for Mods or SubDirectors as the rank is called. I won't promise anyone a position but I will be looking for those who join in the early days to help shape the guild for the future.To give you a taste of the expectations I'll list out the base Guild Rules and Roleplay Guidelines I have created. These are obviously subject to change via input and experience over time.                                                                                 General Guild Rules

  1. Be kind and understanding. Meaning no slurs, no racism ,no discrimination against those in the LGBTQ community,or generally anything that would have you canceled in today's culture. You will be given one warning to cut it out. after that you are gone.
  2. Arguments happen. If you have a problem with someone take it private or take it into a group message with The Director or a SubDirector.
  3. This is a casual guild. Not everyone is here to roleplay. and not everyone is here to be a hardcore ESO player.
  4. In character hostility. Some characters wont like each other. That's fine as long as you keep the hostility in character. IC some races hate each other that's fine again as long as it doesnt go beyond the roleplay.
  5. Help your fellow Academy members. if someone doesnt know something dont be a jerk about it. Help them or direct them to help.

Roleplay Guidelines, The Academy is a Casual Roleplay setting. Meaning you can be silly and relaxed but do it in a way that makes sense.

  1. IC the Academy is an Adventuring Guild. Meaning it takes on quests from members or 'NPCS'. Or has casual bar/social roleplay within the world or guildhall.
  2. Your Character is not the big protag of ESO. Lore wise this would never make sense.
  3. Don't sweat the small stuff. Try to Rp to have fun
  4. Roleplay can be done through text chat or party that is decided by the participants.
  5. When indicating an action. Use "  " IE: " He lifts up his goblet and slowly drains the contents ".(This Rule does not pertain to interpersonal combat. A system will be put into place for this at a later date.)
  6. To indicate out of character speech or OOC during a roleplay session. Use (  ) IE: (Hey guys I have to head off dinners ready I'll catch up with y'all later.) Or if you're using a party or voice chat, just say OOC. Try not to do this to much in the main chat as it will break roleplay. But if it needs to be done then by all means do so.

If all that catches your fancy then I hope you will Join me on this new Guild Adventure.To join hop in the discord.https://discord.gg/9GjycsS

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