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PS4 EU Master Crafter looking for work

As it says in the title - I am a PS4 EU crafter able to craft all 9 traits in all crafting trades. I'm also mastered in provisioning, alchemy and enchanting, so I can cover pretty much all of your needs :)


I'm still working on collecting all of my motifs, so I don't know all styles, but if you're willing to cover the cost of getting the motif, I can make your armor/weapons at a reduced rate for you. My usual fee is 1000 gold per piece.


Any ?'s, please feel free to ask.

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    Can you craft me a set of Kagrenac's Hope gear in the Thieves Guild style? Heavy/Light Chest and Medium/Light Legs with Infused,  Light Gloves, Boots and Belt with Divines?

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    Sorry, I'm taking a break from ESO at the moment. I'll be sure to let you know as soon as I return though. Many apologies!

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    I'm back on ESO, and crafting again, so if anybody needs anything, let me know, and if I'm able to help you out, I will


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