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Hi All! As we near the end of 2016, I wanted to give a quick sneak peak into some of the more hotly debated topics recently and shed some light on how we plan on addressing them for Update 13. Keep in mind this isn't everything coming in the update... and definitely not any of the class balance changes - you will have to wait for the natch potes for the full list. :)


Proc sets

We are going to be making some changes to these sets to balance out their burst potential. When the update hits, any set that has a damage or heal proc component to it will no longer crit in PVE or PVP. We chose this direction as we like the concept of these sets and still want them to be interesting and viable, we just wanted to tone down their overall burst potential. (sustain is slightly reduced, while burst potential is significantly reduced)


AoE cap adjustments

First a bit of background - AoE caps are there to help keep single-target abilities effective in PvP. In addition, they allow players the chance to survive some of the larger-scale battles a bit longer. (especially newer players) We are going to modify the damage caps so that players take more damage. This will have an adverse effect on the newer players in Cyrodiil - and will make AoE more effective, but will help combat the balled-up “stack on crown” groups and spread players out more. The changes will be:

The first 6 players hit always take 100% damage

The next 7 to 30 players take 75% damage (for reference on live this is currently 50%)

The next 31 to 60 players take 50% damage (for reference on live this is currently 25%)

Players past 60 take 0 damage (for reference on live this is also currently 0%)

We are starting fairly conservatively with this initial round of changes and once we have had a chance to see how they affect things in Cyrodiil on a large scale, we will evaluate further changes.


Poison fixes / adjustments

All poisons now share the same global cooldown and no longer have individual cooldowns. This means that when Update 13 goes live, it will no longer be possible to proc a poison more than once every 10 seconds. In addition, we’ve been able to track down and fix a separate issue where poisons could sometimes double proc.


Stuck in combat in Cyrodiil

This has been an ongoing issue in Cyrodiil for a long time now – due to the nature of combat in Cyrodiil there were cascading threat issues between players. (i.e. – You fight another player and all the threat they have on them is transferred to you) We’ve changed how threat is transferred between players and when Update 13 goes live, you should always drop combat properly after 6 seconds of ending a battle. Note: If you are grouped with other players and they are actively in combat, you will still be considered in combat as well.

Charging into loadscreens in Cyrodiil

We think we have a fix! It’s been really, really hard for us to repro this one internally, and therefore really difficult to fix. A huge thank you to everyone who has submitted locations and videos of how to repro the issue. If you get it again after Update 13, please let us know. (Provide the date/time & campaign - if you have a video of it, even better)


PvPers want more things to spend AP on

We've been working on ways to add more things that you can purchase with AP. With Update 13, we are updating the PVP vendors in your home keeps and adding a new item - Zone Bags. These Zone Bags contain a set item from an overland zone and will scale to your level. For example: the Auridon Zone Bag will only have Queen's Elegance, Twin Sisters and Veiled Heritance item sets in it. The bags will cost 5K AP and always contain one green or blue quality item in them.


Again, this is just a sneak peak... not an exhaustive list. There is a lot more coming in Update 13, including a whole bunch of balance fixes. (Patch Notes aren't quite done yet, so hang in there for awhile longer)


Enjoy your holidays and please be safe on New Years!


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    The proc set nerf is pretty big for PVE players. I don’t understand why ZOS doesn’t get it, its not the proc that’s the problem it’s the amount of proc sets you can run at a time. IMHO the answer has always been players can run one proc set at a time. I don’t know how they would achieve that (a toggle?) but nerfing crits seems silly given most people are running impen in cyro and are not running crit builds.

    The poison nerf seems reasonable.

    The AP bags though for regional items, I don’t like it. The regional sets, IMHO were a great idea for one tamriel, it made every region have increased value. Ya I want more things to buy AP with, monster gear comes to mind. 200K AP is way to cheap (I can farm that up quick in cyrodiil). Get rid of the containers and just sell the Cyro gear outright.  Increase prices though I wouldn’t complain if the monster sets are 500K to 1Mil AP each piece and container pieces like or reward pieces like leki 250-500K

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    Yeah Richard Lambert posted an internal parse test in that thread of him using Viper, Red Mountain, and Kra'gh. The total damage from his proc sets was decreased by ~45% or so, but he leaned on the fact that his total DPS "only" decreased by 10%. He didn't consider that other 5-piece bonuses pull WAY ahead at that point, when they were currently competitive at best.

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