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Player returning after over a year, questions about DK

Hello i'm returning after over a year and I play DK, more preferrably magicka DK because the skills look awesome and i'm a dunmer. I wouldn't mind playing a stam dk though. How are they in pvp in terms of 1v1 to 1v5? Also are they better in light or heavy armor? Is vampire good to use with magicka dk? I've done some research and people say seducer, silks of the sun, wizards riposte are good. I'm not too sure and would like some input. Sorry for all the questions. Thanks!

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    I have a main Dunmer, DK myself.  I started with a Magicka DPS (following Alkast and Xynode gaming builds).  It is a lot of fun and does great AOE dps for trash mobs.  I am a vampire as well and generally kept it at stage 2 or 3 in dungeons and trials to reduce the fire damage taken.  While it is a fun build, I always found it a bit squishy in the dungeons.  Many times I would get kicked because the team would prefer a stamina dps since they can deal more damage on the bosses which is much needed in vet dungeons so I understand.  I also always had problems getting in a pug queue for the Undaunted pledges since everyone is dps it is a LOOOOONG queue!  I recently rebuilt my character as a magicka tank and it has been even better!  I do almost as much damage as I did before, but now I have much greater health and I'm a tank so I get into the pledge dungeons in less than 5 minutes.  I can still do overland farming and soloing with no problem.  Most of the skills I use are the same (flame lash, burning embers, eruption, volatile armor, deep breath, bruning talons).  I just switched out harness magicka for pierce for the taunt and its been a blast! 

    so my 2 cents:  If you're only going to be doing overland, farming delves, etc, then the DPS is a ton of fun and you will have no problems.  FOr end game, if you want to do dungeons and trials, I would build a tank (mag tank since Dunmer, but stam tank is also viable).  


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